This week was Mike week. (That's my husband in case you're new around here). It was kinda like shark week except I didn't have the safety and security of being in a cage. Also this week, I became a finalist for the Best Miscellaneous Mommy Blog Award (currently in second place, vote now!) which is kind of like being nominated for an Oscar except without the free schwag, designer dresses, and facebook friend requests from Martin Scorsese. Ok, it's nothing like the Oscars. (But still, vote for me!)

What else happened in the week that I accepted 'Miscellaneous' as my calling card?

I rescued your child from Ralph Lauren's clutches

Thumbkin and the Itsy Bitsy Spider got schooled in proper time management

• I auditioned for the role of Head Clown at The Hard to Please Baby Circus

Mazzy got a cat and named it "Cat"

I got attacked for trying to show a home video

• Mike pulled a Kanye at the Parent of the Year awards

• We learned that while fake monkeys are cute, real monkeys are ugly and TERRIFYING

• We found out there is life after Michael Mancini

Plus lots more parental tweets, funny baby videos and unique baby gift ideas. My collection of gift round-ups is growing— check them out when you start to think about holiday shopping. (If you are like me that will be some time at the end of December). And if you haven't already, you should enter the Jaxxwear baby clothes giveaway. Six winners will be selected at 5pm on Monday.

Have a good weekend! (Don't forget to vote!)