Since this week seems to be dedicated to my husband (so far I have both praised him for his time management skills and belittled him for his newfound naptime abilities), I thought it only appropriate that I do a baby gift round-up of his favorite thing: monkeys. One of my husband's very complex human psychology theories is this: EVERYBODY LOVES MONKEYS.

If I'm having a bad day, Mike will often email me a random picture of a monkey. For our first Valentine's Day together, in lieu of a pair of earrings or a fancy box of chocolates, I got a big stuffed monkey (delivered to my office no less). In fact, every birthday, anniversary, or holiday card we've ever exchanged has had a monkey on it (they are surprisingly easy to find). It doesn't matter that when we were actually up close and personal with some monkeys on our trip to the Sacred Monkey Forest in Bali, it was the most terrifying two hours of our lives. The fact that real life monkeys will drop clear out of the sky, land on your back, and start shrieking to attract their very uncute monkey friends all while stealing your camera, your dignity and your sense of safety on this earth? Mike has wiped that memory clean.

I work as a creative in advertising and whenever I am struggling to come up with a TV spot, Mike will inevitably turn to me and say something like, "I really don't understand what is so difficult. If you want the (insert name of travel destination, cookie company, financial institution, etc.) commercial to be a success, just put a monkey in it. EVERYBODY LOVES MONKEYS." The sad thing is, he is probably right. Why make life difficult? Add a monkey.

Non-scary monkeys clockwise from upper left: Verdi Monkey Doll by Blabla, Monkey Dinnerware by Made for Mom, Sock Monkey Lunchbox by Schylling, Ridiculously Expensive But Very Famous Danish Wooden Monkey  by Kay Bojesen, Groovy Girl Sock Monkey by Sunset Girl Sock Monkey Coin Purse from Field of Roses, Sock Monkey Wool Pilot Cap by DeLux, Infant Sock Monkey Slippers by Think Of It, Monkey Pajamas by Paul Frank

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