This week’s kid news includes a 2 year-old with the most hilarious birthday theme ever, a three month-old who can talk and a 5 year-old who has no idea how to put on eye make-up.

1) 3 Month Old Baby Talks. WTF?

I’ve seen some pretty amazing baby tricks but this one is just plain crazy. A new dad from North Carolina and his baby were exchanging nonsensical babble (as new dads and babies do), when his 3 month-old busted out a very audible “I love you”.

Obviously this baby is a genius. Hopefully, not an evil one.


2) 2yo Has personal Injury Lawyer Themed Birthday Party

Like many 2 year-olds, Grayson Dobra of Louisiana decided he wanted a birthday party that centered around his most favorite form of entertainment. But for Grayson, it’s not trucks or baseball— it’s a personsal injury lawyer named Morris Bart.

Does Grayson know Morris Bart? Not even a little.

According to The Acadiana Advocate, the toddler is obsessed with Bart’s annoying TV commercials, always lighting up when they come on screen. Grayson’s mom decided to honor her son’s favorite pastime and threw him a second birthday themed around the famous local attorney.

Grayson’s favorite gift? An autographed headshot of Morris Bart, of course.

Hey, you do you, Grayson.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.29.45 AM


3) Kate Hudson and Son Fight Airport Boredom with a Dance Party

Have you ever been stuck at the airport with your children and watched the minutes painfully tick by? Kate Hudson and her adorable 11 year-old, Ryder (holy crap, he’s 11 already?!) decided to pass the time with an impromptu dance party to Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen.

Kate posted it to Instagram, solidifying her status as coolest mom EVER.

4) Mailman Helps Boy Who Reads Junk Mail Instead of Books

Ron Lynch was delivering mail in Utah when a 12 year-old boy named Mathew Flores asked if he had any extra junk mail he could take home to read.

After chatting with the boy, Lynch learned Flores reads the junk mail because he has no books at home and can’t afford bus fare to the local library.

Lynch posted on Facebook asking friends to send the boy some real books and Flores is now receiving daily deliveries of books from around the world, meaning he can pass up the supermarket circular in favor of Harry Potter.

Don’t you love when social media does something magical?

Facebook friends… This is Matthew Flores. Today while delivering mail to his apartment complex, I saw him reading ads,…

Posted by Ron Lynch on Thursday, July 23, 2015


5) Princess Anna Calls 6yo Cancer Patient to say hi

Actress Kristen Bell used her Disney celebrity status for good this week, when she called 6 year-old cancer patient, Avery Huffman, and left her a personalized voicemail in the voice of Princess Anna from ‘Frozen’.

Avery was diagnosed with a fatal tumor last month and has spent the summer fighting for her life. Watch her little face light up when she hears Anna (Bell) grant Avery princess status in Arendelle.


6) Mazzy Discovers Make-up

Five year-old Mazzy discovered the joys and pitfalls of overdoing eyeshadow after digging into her mom’s make-up collection. Maybe this will look better in evening lighting?

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