Picture 4  So…I saw on someone else's blog
  that they had been named as a
  finalist in the Mommy Blog Awards
  on The Bump and I thought— how
  nice for them. Then I decided to click on the link to check it out and SURPRISE!— I'm a finalist too!

Turns out, I am one of nine finalists for the Best Miscellaneous Mommy Blog. Even if I don't win, I am really honored to be nominated. (As a theater geek in high school, I have always wanted to say that). I am also honored to have that 'miscellaneous' moniker. Miscellaneous Moniker. That's gonna be the name of my band if I ever start one. Except that "miscellaneous" was the word that lost me the spelling bee in the sixth grade. It was down to me and Allison Miller and we had gone back and forth like ten times. And then I got "miscellaneous" wrong and she got it right and then they gave her "cascade" for the win. Cascade! It was like they just wanted the thing to be over already.

But I digress.

Bottom line— the Best Miscellaneous Mommy Blog Award comes down to a vote. If you've been reading Mommy Shorts since the beginning you know that I am a relatively new blog so I have my work cut out for me. But it also says that you are allowed to vote as many times as you like. So if we can't win with numbers, we will win with tenacity! We've got till Monday the 15th at midnight. You've got time to ignore your job and your kid(s) and continually vote at the link below, right? Everybody wants an underdog to win! ARE YOU WITH ME?! We can be like Daniel Larusso in the Karate Kid! Like The Cleveland Indians in Major League! We can be ROCKY!!! (Why can't I think of any good women underdog films…anybody?)

And…yeah. Please do me the supreme favor of voting for me at the link below:)

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Thank you for reading and if you take the time to vote, thank you again!