Over the last two weeks at Mommy Shorts, I redesigned a bit. Both to lessen the clutter and to *ahem* make room for some advertising. I also opened up the Mommy Shorts Shop— it's basically Amazon in a very bad disguise. BUT. Every item has been handpicked by me and 95% of it are all things Mazzy currently owns and loves. (As evidenced in the pic above- bunny, book and pillow are all available at the store). I also started posting some unique baby gift items like custom finger puppets and rocking horse alternatives. And I started a feature with my sister, a developmental psychologist hereby referred to as Dr. B, called Games Good Parents Play. Both of these are attempts to provide some useful services in addition to keeping you all entertained.

Here's what else happened over the past two weeks…

• I learned that I am the opposite of someone that you want to be friends with on facebook

• I realized if Mazzy had been born 20 years earlier, we would be living large off "Married with Children" residuals

• I worried about leaving Daddy in charge

• I got into a fight with the New Museum and they fought back!

• Mazzy identified her new arch-nemesis

• Mazzy got herself into trouble and then tried to talk herself out of it

• I put on a performance of "Springtime for Hitler" and Mazzy said, "Once more, with feeling!"

• We learned how a simple game of "Ball Roll" can help us retire off of Google money

• I bought a ball

• We learned collectively that our babies aren't cool

• I was offended by Mazzy's frat boy behavior

• We were visited by the "BAD PARENTING" police but didn't answer the door because we were too busy sleeping

• Plus we saw lots more funny baby videos, pics, and parental tweets

As always, I welcome any submissions of parenting stories, parental tweets, or funny baby videos. Please send them to You'll be given full credit. And if you haven't already joined the Mommy Shorts facebook fanpage, for the love of Mazzy— please do so. I update it daily.

For the rest of the day we will be Baby Profiling. If you would like your baby profiled, please click here. Happy Friday!