Yesterday, I wrote a post about my rather enlightening visit to the New Museum with my 8 month old daughter. And just like that, the internets responded in the form of a very nice twitter shout-out from the museum. They said:

Picture 10
The first link is obviously to the New Museum's program for kids. In five years, when my daughter is old enough to participate, we will totally check it out. The second link is to an awesome black onesie with the caption "I forgive you".

10019501 Now what is the New Musuem doing selling onesies? And did they create this just for me? NO! Silly, me- it is once again- ART!!! Here is the accompanying description:

"Through his work in video, photography, sculpture, and text, Douglas Gordon explores dualities: temptation and fear, life and death, good and evil, and innocence and guilt. His edition for Third Drawer Down and the New Museum is no exception, combining the simple space of an infant’s black cotton bodysuit with the contemplative and ambiguous texts "I forgive you". The statement conveys an ambivalent preference for both wisdom and ignorance, an age-old debate described in the biblical dichotomy between Eden and knowledge. However, in this case the text is superimposed onto baby’s psyche, projecting the essence of adult indecisiveness onto a person just starting the process towards understanding. Both humorous and unsettling, Gordon’s simple texts provoke a deeper consideration of infancy, no doubt inspired by his own devotion to fatherhood."

Holy shit— I think my head just exploded and simultaneously brain farted a Jeff Koons balloon animal. I mean, don't get me wrong— I love the onesie and I love the humor displayed by the New Museum in sending it to me as a response. BUT— it's $60!!! Granted it is part of a signed and numbered limited edition of 1000 but STILL!  I'd rather buy three Sophie giraffes for $20 a pop.

Here's a link to INKtastic where you can create your own for $12.99.

New Museum, I kid because I love, truly.