At the beginning of this year, Mazzy was asked to model for Kidbox, a seasonal subscription box for childrens’ clothing. I gave her the option and she jumped at it. You might remember that she did a professional modeling shoot a few years ago, had a great experience and was apparently, waiting for another opportunity. So. One day, I picked her up after school and took her to Brooklyn, where the shoot was happening in a big warehouse. There were a few other kids there, all professionals, and she watched them for a few minutes before being whisked to hair and make-up.

It was interesting how different she acted from the previous shoot, because if you remember, the first time, she was incredibly nervous. She almost backed out, she was so nervous. This time, she climbed right up into the chair, eager to get her hair done and some blush on her cheeks. Then she got on her first outfit (there were four looks total) and strode right on over to the photographers, the stylists, the lights, etc. totally unintimidated.

Outfit #1

When she put on her second outfit, she noticed an accessory table and asked if she could add on a yellow cap and carry a unicorn bag. I wasn’t sure if those really went with her look, but the team at Kidbox was totally cool with it. and let her head on up. She also had discovered a basketball painted like a rainbow between takes and they let her bring that up with her for the shoot too.

Outfit #2

Then, because she was so into the basketball, they switched up her third outfit to make her look more sporty.

Outfit #3

As I watched my daughter, it occurred to me that Mazzy has never flipped through a fashion magazine. Her interpretation of modeling is doing whatever you think makes you look awesome in front of the camera. For her, that was dribbling a basketball. She brought that ball out as her accessory with almost every outfit change and because Kidbox is all about kids being themselves, they followed her lead and went with it. They even changed her fourth outfit when they could tell she didn’t love it.

This was the original outfit #4. Let me just say— I LOVED IT.

But Kidbox was right, Mazzy did not love it and even though she didn’t make a stink about it, they could tell she wasn’t feeling like herself. Right before she went up to the photo set, a member of the Kidbox team intercepted and said, “I think you should be wearing a dress that’s much cooler.” Then they put her in a multi-colored patterned dress with a gold belt. I didn’t think they would win her over with any dresses, but Mazzy really liked this one.

Outfit #4

Mazzy’s confidence in front of the camera was really something to watch. She’s a girl who knows who she is, and when she feels like that is being celebrated, that’s when she is happiest.

I can’t tell you how happy she was when she opened her winter Kidbox and saw her picture in the mailer inside. “They used my favorite!” she told me. There she was with the rainbow basketball, the backwards cap, the unicorn purse and her tongue hanging out, just like the model she is.

Thank you Kidbox for celebrating my daughter for her unique self!