Name: Mazzy Rose

  Nickname: The Peanut

  Build: Compact

  Signature Style: Belly-baring t-shirts   with low-rise diapers

  Favorite Grub: Magazines

  Can't Live Without: Her cellphone

Pet peeve: Diaper changing on the road

Best trick: Spontaneous demon transformation

Future career: Creator of an all-natural baby food business called "No Peas Please!"



IMG_1033 Name: Jake Daniel

 Nickname: Bammer

 Signature Style: Baby-GAP-aholic

 Favorite Grub: That contraption that
 attaches me to my pacifier is  DELICIOUS

 Pet Peeve: Get that DAMN DOG to  stop licking me!

 Best Trick: Lars Ulrich impression

 Future Career: Toy Inventor- 'Parents will buy anything!'



IMG_0483  Name: Trace Søren

   Nickname: Monkey

  Build: Gangly

  Signature Style: Pantless and proud

  Favorite Grub: Applesauce and
  the TiVo remote

  Can't Live Without: Babo,
  the Ugly Doll

  Pet Peeve: The milliseconds in each
  day where he is not the center of his
  parents' universe

  Best Trick: Sleeping 13hrs every
(Dude- did you miss the part where I
   said I would drop-kick you in the face??)

Future Career: Testing fontanelle-proof baby helmets


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