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Just discovered a blog called STFU, Parents. It's full of actual facebook status updates from people talking about their kids pooping, peeing, napping, eating, etc. But mostly pooping. Commentary is written anonymously by someone who presumably does not have kids. Here's their description:

"You used to be fun. Now you have a baby. If you're being driven crazy by your friends' baby updates every time you check your status feed, please feel free to contribute to this blog."

The updates are funny but it's the commentary that's especially hilarious. The best entries in my opinion are the ones referred to as 'mommyjackings'.  A 'mommyjacking' is when a non-parent makes a non-baby related update and a mom comments underneath like in this gem below:

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See? Funny. But, yes, I am fully aware that I fit into this parent-constantly-updating-with-baby-stuff category now. I actually wrote a post about my transition from cool-jaded-single-person to annoying-baby-status-updating-mommy-person on The Mommy Project. (See I am so annoying that I have not one, but TWO mommy blogs.) I actually started this blog because I wanted a place that I could talk baby without annoying all of my friends on facebook. But then I realized that the only way I was going to get anybody to read it was to put it on facebook.  So I guess that's a big fat annoying mommy FAIL. (Which is incidentally, also the name of a mommy blog- check out MommyFail here).

Anyway, I read through STFU, Parents both laughing at the insanity of some of the updates and being totally terrified that I was going to stumble on one of my own. So far at least, I seem to be in the clear.