Some kids, I’m told, are born naturally good sleepers. They don’t fuss at bedtime, they snooze through the night, and they nap happily and frequently all the way up until kindergarten. Congrats to those (like, four?) parents on all the sleep! The rest of our kids treat bedtime like it’s some kind of medieval torture, and once they’re big enough to climb out of bed on their own?


If you can’t keep a toddler in bed after tucking them in, the next best thing is to keep them in their room. At least then, they can’t go wandering around the house all night. Or surprise you at the foot of your own bed, their beady little eyes staring at you through the darkness like your life is your own personal horror movie.

To contain your kid, you might try putting up a baby gate on their door. Although, as most parents who have tried this will tell you— if a baby can climb out of a crib, a baby gate is just one more hurdle but hardly a problem for them.

So, one clever dad thought the perfect way to outsmart his acrobatic toddler was to add a SECOND BABY GATE. Think that worked?


Welcome to the party, guys. We don’t sleep for another 18 years. Also? SHUT THE DOOR.

Actually, to be fair, I suck at shutting the door, but I hear it works for my friends.

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