It’s no longer National Unicorn Day, but that doesn’t matter because EVERY DAY is Unicorn Day in our house. Mazzy has been wearing the unicorn horn in the photo up top for at least two months straight. She wears it to school and everything. One of her best friends wears a full-on plush unicorn head to school sometimes, so I guess there are different levels of unicorn dedication.

I was also unicorn obsessed as a kid, so I fully support this new addiction. I had unicorn Lisa Frank stickers, a stuffed satin unicorn that hung from my bedroom ceiling and an 1000 piece unicorn puzzle that I put together, framed and then hung on my wall. Does that all sound as “child of the ‘80s” as I think it does?

Mazzy now want unicorn clothes, unicorn stuffies and pretty much any unicorn related item she can get her hands on. And there are QUITE a few, it turns out. Harlow is quickly following in her footsteps and jumping on the unicorn train as well.

If your kids are also unicorn obsessed, here are 23 ways to bring more unicorns into their lives:

1) Unicorn Headband

This  beautiful unicorn headband has ears, sequins, ruffles and ribbon. It is very similar to a headband Harlow got last Christmas that is in regular rotation. But maybe if this is a bit too fancy for your kid, she/he might like the unicorn head gear alternative pictured below…

If your kid doesn’t want all the bells and whistles of a headband, you can get just get a horn on an elastic band. (Or wear two horns and call yourself a Duocorn as Mazzy in doing in the picture above.) We got Mazzy’s unicorn horn a random shop in the West Village but I hear they have a HUGE SELECTION at Brooklyn Owl. Here are two pages worth of unicorn horns in rainbow, solid colors and every pattern in between.

We do not own any unicorn snot, thank god, but it is available to you and your child should you choose to purchase it. It’s actually glitter body gel but your kid doesn’t need to know that.

Harlow got a jar of this unicorn glitter nail polish as a gift. It doesn’t make for the best application but Harlow loves how it looks on her shelf.

Mazzy has never been happier than the day I brought home this unicorn pool float from Target. I knew it would make her day, but let’s be honest. I bought it for the photo ops. I think the entire pool float industry owes Instagram one BIG thank you.

If you already have the pool float and are looking to completely upstage that, you can now do just that with a gigantic unicorn sprinkler! You blow it up, attach it to your lawn hose and hopefully, your kids have more than five minutes of entertainment before you have to deflate the thing and stick it somewhere in your garage, never to be opened again.

Mazzy struggled with learning to tell time at the beginning of this year, but I bet she would have been much more motivated with a unicorn clock.

Micro Kickboard just sent us over these unicorn head attachments for the girls’ scooters and I think it might have been the best surprise package they have ever received. Mazzy totally lost her shit over it (in a good way) and Harlow shouted that it was, “Unexpectable!” I think she meant “unexpected.”

Mazzy is not the easiest person to buy clothes for, BUT she will now wear pretty much anything if it has a unicorn on it, including DRESSES! So, I was thrilled when Mini Boden recently came out with a new unicorn line of clothing. Mazzy picked the unicorn dress with the blue skirt. Imagine that. Currently, waiting for it to arrive!

This makeup bag can also double as a pencil case, or you can use it as storage for your unicorn snot and unicorn nail polish and whatever other unicorn items your child has conned you into purchasing for them. One issue with this item is that there no strap, so Harlow can’t use it as a neck purse.

Mazzy likes drawing her own unicorn pictures but if your kid is more into coloring pre-drawn unicorns like Harlow, I don’t think you can go wrong with The Unicorn Coloring Book, a coloring book dedicated solely to all things unicorn.

These pencils are perfect for sticking in your unicorn pencil case and using to color in your unicorn coloring book. Are unicorn colored pencils any different from regular colored pencils? Uhhhh…YES. They are SPARKLY.

Fingerlings were one of the hottest items on my Holiday Gift Guide last year, so OF COURSE, they have now jumped onto the unicorn train too. If your kid likes Finglerings and unicorns— voilà, a unicorn Finglerling.

My kids will go crazy over pretty much anything in this squishable form. The longer it takes to pop back to its original shape the better. They love popcorn squishies and pork bun squishies and coffee cup squishies, so I can’t even imagine their reaction to a unicorn squishie.

If you’re the kind of mom who would rather do a DIY activity you found on Pinterest with your kid than just buying them a lame pre-made gift at a store, we probably wouldn’t be friends, but I bet you’d love this Flying Unicorn craft kit which allows your kid to create, construct and decorate their very own unicorn.

Again. I don’t know how much you like throwing your money away on novelty gifts, but I’m betting you would make your unicorn-loving kid’s entire life with unicorn fart cotton candy. Not sure how high your kid’s future dental bills will be though.

Do unicorns actually fart candy? I have no idea. But I do know that if you bash a unicorn pinata hard enough, candy will spill out. That’s a fact. You can fill these mini unicorn piñatas with little treats. Or get a bigger unicorn piñata for your kid’s birthday party. You can watch Harlow take out her anger on a unicorn pinata here.

After you’ve slayed your unicorn and eaten all the candy inside, maybe you want to show off your kill by hanging its’ head on the wall! Then I suggest this paper mache unicorn head from Crate and Barrel Kids. Or maybe it’s because of people like you that unicorns no longer exist???? Something to think about.

If your kid STILL has not satisfied her unicorn obsession with headbands, coloring books and scooter accessories, she/he can also wipe their ass with them.

Remember when I said that Mazzy and Harlow were never so excited by a package than the unicorn scooter heads? I lied. They were also equally excited when General Mills sent us a box of their new Unicorn Lucky Charms cereal.

For Harlow’s birthday last year, she asked me for a diary. Apparently, she also asked everyone she knew for a diary because she got about eight of them. The fluffy unicorn diary pictured above was ultimately her favorite and the one that has a permanent spot on her bedside table. Thanks for showing me up, Ruth.

This unicorn pillow is made with mermaid sequins (you know, the flippy sequins that your kid wants on every single one of their t-shirts?) It changes from purple to blue when you run your hand over the sequins. Mazzy and Harlow do not know this exists. Or else their heads would explode.

If you want something a little more educational, there’s a unicorn book series about Uni the Unicorn. Yes, I know. It’s a very creative name. I bet they spent a whole three minutes coming up with it. But full disclosure: I’m throwing this book in here so this post qualifies as a Reading Wednesday post. We own it. It’s about a girl who believes in unicorns (even though her friends don’t) and a unicorn who believes in little girls (even though her fellow unicorns don’t.) Then they meet, which is pretty adorable. The illustrations are beautiful. The kids love it. No big surprise there.

Are your kids obsessed with unicorns?