You can add “boobs” to the growing list of words that now send Mazzy and Harlow into hysterics. It’s right there alongside “poop” and “toilet” which I tell them is not really a fair association. “Boobs are pretty incredible,” I tell them. “Mine fed you both when you were babies!”

This makes them laugh even harder.

I also had to instruct Harlow recently not to refer to her own chest area as “boobs.”

“Ummm…those are nipples. You will grow boobs when you get older.”

Boobs have also become a popular subject lately because my friends at Phaidon sent me a copy of their newest children’s book, “What Does Baby Want?”

The answer?


I mean, the book doesn’t use the word “boobs,” but it does have a fantastic cut-out spread that couldn’t really be described as anything else. If you want a conversation-starting gift for a mom-to-be to open at her baby shower, this is your present.

The new book led me to do some research and what I found is that boobs are getting a lot of attention lately. And I don’t mean in the Playboy Bunny sort of way that only men can appreciate. Boobs are being celebrated with some really fun clever products that would make awesome gifts for anybody with…BOOBS.

10 Clever Products for People with Boobs

1) What Does Baby Want?

2) Boob Planter

3) Boobs Coffee Mug

4) Boob Sweatshirt

5) Female Support System Hook

6) Boob Rug

7) Boob Cookie Jar

8) Boob Wall Hooks

9) Boob Pillow

10) Boob Pool Float

I’m giving away three copies of “What Does Baby Want?” in the comments below! Just tell me what word your kids use for boobs. You must have BOOBS to enter. I’ll pick three winners at random on August 7th!


Congratulations to Β April Ryan, Amber Williams and Holly Leary! Please email to claim your prize!