Giveaway: 5 myCharge Razors

Last week over 900 moms poured out their purses to tell me the most necessary and unnecessary items they found inside for a chance to win five myCharge Razors and five $100 Visa gift cards.

The necessary stuff was pretty boring— wallets, keys, diapers, wipes, a myCharge portable charger (DUH!!!), etc. At first I was like, why doesn’t anyone carry a phone??? And then I was like— oh yeah, because it is attached to their hands.

I found the unnecessary items much more amusing. Like a random top for a Tupperware container, a furry blue gumball, a clown nose, a headless Barbie and a valet ticket to a hotel that some poor mom had stayed at two years ago. (I hope they don’t still have her car!)

There was also the case of the mom who found 17 lip balms in her purse. 17!!! When I am done writing this post, I will look into a treatment center for her. I hear first they take away your lip balms and then they introduce you to the concept of a “store” where you can buy things again once you run out. CRAZY, I know!

Do you want visual proof of these ridiculous items moms find in their purses? Don’t worry, some people were nice enough to supply them for you.


Thank god the top middle is a crushed milk dud, that’s all I’m saying. And middle right looks like something a doctor would carry in a cooler while flying in a helicopter.

Even funnier than the unnecessary things moms carry in their purses are the random things that might look unnecessary but are TOTALLY NECESSARY. Like the security lamb or the plastic baggie of Cheerios or the matching Hello Kitty coloring books with separate bags of crayons for two sisters who need to be given the EXACT SAME THING. These aren’t ridiculous items. These are items from prepared moms who have learned from experience. These are the things that save our sanity and keep our kids from losing their minds in public.

I find you can usually tell a purse belongs to a mom the second the items are poured out.

Here are 7 examples of “Mom Purse”:








Someone else was kind enough to submit the contents of their todder’s purse and you know what? IT’S NOT THAT DIFFERENT.


Well, maybe it’s a little different.

As much as I love the moms who submitted the pictures above, the moms selected as the winners of the myCharge giveaway were selected at random. They are:


Nicole Dawn whose most important item is her “hidden chocolate stash (however smushed it might be” and the least important is “the broken plastic mini fishing pole that comes with the Go Fishing game”. FYI: She took it away so “the yelling would stop”.


Shpresime whose most necessary item is wipes and least necessary is mascara— “25 year old me can’t believe I said that!!!”


Gwenny G whose most important item is her iPhone “that works as a DJ, GPS, kid entertainer, weather checker, etc.” and least important is “an old dusty pacifier that my son hasn’t used in over a year”.


Laura Barth whose most necessary is her phone and least necessary is the “$5 off Kroger coupon that expired a year ago”.


Chantelle whose most necessary item is her wallet and most unnecessary is a growing mass of hair ties and bobby pins floating around the bottom of her purse that she can never find when necessary. “If you need 5 hair ties or 22 bobby pins, I am your gal!”

Congrats to the winners! You have all won an $100 Visa gift card plus a TOTALLY NECESSARY myCharge Razor to keep your all important smart phone from becoming a totally useless piece of plastic.


The super light ultra-thin myCharge Razor Plus takes up very little space and delivers 13 hours of additional talk time to your smart phone. FYI— it just saved me recently when I took Mazzy to her first ballet class and realized my phone battery was out as soon as I got there. Thank god my Razor was in my bag amongst all the miniature plastic princesses and hair barrettes. I couldn’t miss that photo opportunity!

If you want even more extra battery power, I suggest a myCharge HUB which delivers 27 hours of additional battery power— I always take my HUB when I’m traveling.

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I’m also giving away 5 more myCharge Razors. Just sign up below and leave a comment to enter. Winner will be announced on February 13th!

Thanks to everyone for playing! And thanks to myCharge for sponsoring this contest. And saving me and my sanity on more than one occasion.

All winners please contact to claim your prize.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Ellyn, Anne Cross, Sarah S, Cheronda F and Jamie Townsend! You have all won a hot pink myCharge Razor.

Please contact to claim your prize.