6a0133f30ae399970b019b00c515f0970c-piOnce upon a time, a nice woman better known for her stage performances than any time spent on screen, made a visit to The Mommy Show.

Her name was Idina Menzel and she was there to promote a little animated movie about to open in theaters. It was a Disney movie. Something about two sisters and a snowman— I think it’s called Frozen. Have you heard of it?

Since then, my children have watched Frozen about seven trillion times.

Mazzy and I both enjoyed Idina’s company, but had we realized we were sitting in the presence of someone who would soon take over our lives for the next year and counting, we probably would have behaved differently.

For one thing, Mazzy asked Elsa, Queen of Arendelle about pooping on the potty. Then I made her wrap a birthday present and told her she wrapped it poorly!

Is that any way to treat Disney royalty???

But my absolute favorite part of the episode is when Idina and Harlow have a staring contest. Harlow wins. As she would.

Even an ice queen can’t beat my baby’s glare…

The Mommy Show is currently rolling out on YouTube (finally!) so I’ll be featuring the old episodes fully embedded on my blog over the next few weeks.

It’s like I’m in re-runs!

Which is especially cool for all the people who couldn’t get the old shows to load. Hope you guys enjoy the re-runs the most.

As a side note, I also met Anna (aka Kristen Bell) at an American Express shindig a few months later. Having already seen Frozen at that point and experienced Mazzy’s full transition from normal four-year-old girl to crazy-eyed Frozen fanatic, my reaction was slightly less cool.

It was something like…

“OH MY GOD. Hi!!!!! I have to tell you, my daughter is obsessed with Anna which I’m sure you hear all the time but seriously, she is really obsessed! She makes me braid her hair in two braids every day to look like Anna and she thinks Anna’s dress is much prettier than Elsa’s dress and she knows all the words to all the songs by heart and she sleeps with a plastic miniature Anna doll every night and my latest post on my blog is the ‘Seven Stages of a Frozen Obsession‘ and… Oh!!!! You should totally read it because you have a new baby!! It’s called Mommy Shorts! Can I take a picture with you????”


1501202_827986160548528_1514057894_oMazzy, of course, was way more excited when she got to meet these random imposters.

1800277_803529049660906_2003722662_nOne day, Mazzy will understand and appreciate this, right?

Although, hopefully she will move past Frozen some day soon. Anyone with kids still clinging to the dream?