Mother’s Day is this Sunday. So, for those of you who still haven’t bought any gifts (like, I’m presuming my husband), I have some ideas. Starting with by book because if I don’t continue to push it on you then WHAT DID I WRITE IT FOR??

The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting would be a great Mother’s Day gift for yourself, your new mom friend, your pregnant sister-in-law, your cousin who is having her fifth kid any day now (thank god you are not her), etc. Basically, any mom who wants to feel better about their parenting skills.

But don’t just take my word for it…

BuzzFeed says, “It’s funny-as-hell.” Scary Mommy says “it’s hilarious and comforting and a must-have for every mommy you know.” Parents Magazine says, “Once you read it, you want to flag down every mom you know, put it in her hands and say, THIS.”

“Remarkably Average Parenting” is filled with personal stories, funny photo memes, and full color charts and infographics detailing everything from the “breastfeeding pain scale” to your toddler’s dinner plate. I highly recommend it!

But, okay, I’ll give a shout-out to a few other gifts that would be great too.

1) An Alexa so your kids can ask it all of their annoying questions

Link to purchase: Amazon Echo

2) A welcome mat that tells people to “COME IN” or “GO AWAY”

Link to purchase: Come In, Go Away Door Mat

3) A bag that pours you a glass of wine on the go

Link to Purchase: Wine Tote Bag

4) A pillow that understands true love

Link to purchase: If You Love Me You’ll Let Me Sleep Pillow

5) A mug that holds your doughnut

Link to purchase: Face Mug

6) A phone case that tells people to leave you alone

Link to purchase: I Am Very Busy Phone Case

7) A photo frame to keep the grandparents in the loop

Link to purchase: Aura Smart Photo Frame

8) A letter board so your jokes can look pretty on Instagram

Link to purchase: Letter Board

9) A gym bag that tells the truth

Link to purchase: Gym Duffle

10) A pair of sunglasses to hide those undereye bags (I just bought them)

Link to purchase: Loft Sunglasses

11) A candle set to make your bathroom smell like something other than toddler poop

Link to purchase: Otherland Candle Set

12) A Nespresso so you can drink good coffee without leaving your house (or even putting on pants)

Link to purchase: Nespresso Coffee Maker

13) A mug that doesn’t judge you

Link to purchase: Remarkably Average Mug

I’ll most likely be receiving a macaroni necklace or a finger painting for Mother’s Day, but a girl can dream.

What do you want for Mother’s Day? Besides some peace and quiet. Tell me in the comments!