Hanukah starts tomorrow night and I am still getting all my presents in order. If you are a last minute shopper like me, perhaps this somewhat belated holiday gift guide will still be of service to you. Luckily, we’ve got eight nights of Hanukah ahead of us, so as long as I have the first few nights covered (I do!), I’ve still got time to buy stuff for the last few days. Plus, since Santa visits my house now, I’ve got to think about his gifts too.

FYI, Mazzy told me that she’s going to ask Santa for virtual reality glasses since she knows they are expensive and she doesn’t want me to have to buy them. Good plan, Mazzy. Harlow told me that she wants to ask Santa for a small Barbie house, since she knows there is no room for a big house in our apartment. Ever listened to your kids and heard your own words parroted back to you? With built-in excuses so you couldn’t argue with them? They should both grow up to be lawyers is all I’m saying.

Since Mazzy and Harlow’s birthdays were both within the month, I have the added benefit of seeing what they got as birthday gifts before making my purchases. For instance, Harlow told me she wanted a diary, but apparently, she also made the same request to everyone she knows, because she got THREE DIARIES for her birthday. I’ll be crossing that off my list.

There are over 140 gift ideas in the guide below. They are for everyone from girls who want to rule the world to moms who think their dogs are the same as their children.

Hopefully, there will be at least one idea where you are like— OH! That’s what I should get for such-and-such! And then all this hard work will be worth it.

Don’t miss the “remarkably average” giveaway at the end of the post!

1) Rose Gold Bar Cart, 2) Bloody Mary Diagram Glasses, 3) OMG Vases, 4) Pink Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, 5) Disco Ball Tumblers

1) Automobile Engineer Kit, 2) She Persisted, 3) The Future Is Female Journal, 4) LEGO Wonder Woman Dorm 5) Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, 6) Mind Blowing Science Kit

1) Nespresso Machine, 2) Indoor-Outdoor Moccasins, 3) Library Card Mug, 4) Book of the Month Club Membership, 5) Google Home Mini, 6) Cable Knit Throw Blanket, 7) Pajamagram Nordic Fleece Onesies

1) Bando Passport Holder, 2) Bando Luggage Tag, 3) Away Suitcase, 4) Scratch-off Map, 5) Watermelon Neck Pillow

1) Bando Phone Case, 2) Rose Gummy Bears, 3) Pink Perfection Pencils, 4) Pink Ornament Pack, 5) Color Block Pom Pom Keychain, 6) Oh Joy Ottoman Heart Seat

1) Unicorn Clock, 2) Seedling Magical Flying Unicorn Kit, 3) Unicorn Glitter Nail Polish, 4) Unicorn Makeup Bag, 5) Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy, 6) Mini Unicorn Piñatas

1) Rose Gold Cat Ear Headphones, 2) Samsung Virtual Reality Goggles, 3) Magic Sequin Backpack, 4) 28″ Mal Doll, 5) Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit, 6) Crayola Inspiration Art Case

1) Descendants Karaoke Machine, 2) Descendants Jay Doll, 3) Plush Unicorn Diary 4) Seedling Create a Tiara Kit, 5) Emoji Pillow, 6) Descendants BFF Heart Pillow, 7) Pink Sequin Purse

1) Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker, 2) I Heart Coffee Charm Necklace, 3) Yeti 20 Oz Tumbler, 4) Sleepy Eyes Sleep Mask, 5) Cube Alarm Clock, 6) Caffeine Queen Mug

1) Kids Drum Set, 2) Micro Kickboard Scooter, 3) Pogo Stick For Kids, 4) Portable Soccer Goal, 5) Skateboard Starter Ramp

1) Speak Out Kids vs. Parents, 2) Giant Connect Four, 3) The Cupcake Race, 4) Disney Apples to Apples, 5) Uno Emoji, 6) Pie Face Showdown, 7) Guess Who?

1) iPhone Tripod, 2) Phone Charger Bangle, 3) Color Wheel Umbrella, 4) LuMee Phone Case, 5) Letterfolk Board, 6) Cinema Light Box

1) Dog Bowl Water Bottle, 2) Moccasin Pet Bed, 3) Dog Yoga Phone Case, 4) Dog Treat Mold, 5) Bark Box

1) Glow in the Dark Stars Pack, 2) Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Helmet, 3) Astronaut Duvet Cover and Sham, 4) Wonder, 5) Kids Telescope

1) Rainbow Avocado Cutting Board, 2) Matcha & Milk Frother, 3) Stackable Measuring & Prep Bowls, 4) Tasty Latest and Greatest Cookbook, 5) Seasonal Food Print, 6) Cheat Sheet Apron

1) PaqSule Fresh Cycle Gym Bag, 2) Inverted Umbrella, 3) Apple Watch, 4) Fly Nyon Experience, 5) Nascar Experience

1) KidKraft Uptown Kitchen, 2) Little Tikes Lawnmower, 3) Mop and Broom Set, 4) Complete Pretend Food Set, 5) Kids Telephone, 6) Doll Jogger Stroller

1) Make It Fun Calendar, 2) Happy Face Binder Clips, 3) Passion Planner, 4) Fold-up Wire Keeper, 5) I Am Very Busy File Folders, 6) Kids’ Responsibility Board

1) Self-rolling Yoga Mat, 2) Bando Gym Bag, 3) S’well Bottle, 4) Beats by Dr Dre Wireless, 5) Bandier Alloy Leggings, 6) MZ Wallace Yoga Mat Bag

1) Mini Ice Luge Mold, 2) Six Pack Cooler Tote, 3) Kabob Grill Baskets, 4) Field Goal Mug, 5) Collapsible Ice Bucket

1) Dinner Winner Board Game Plate, 2) Animal Pancake & Egg Rings, 3) Basketball Hoop Mug, 4) N+B Meal Wheel

1) Hawkins Middle School Sweatshirt, 2) Central Perk Mug, 3) Remote Control Ornament 4) Game of Thrones Wine Glass, 5) Stranger Things String Light Socks

1) My Little Pony Lite-Brite, 2) Slap Bracelets, 3) Monchhichi Doll, 4) Rubik’s Cube, 5) 3D Pinpression Board, 6) Nintendo 3DS

1) LEGO Star Wars BB-8, 2) Squishies Multipack, 3) Hatchimals, 4) Sphero Educational Robot, 5) Fingerlings

1) Trouble Star Wars, 2) Lightsaber Light-Up Umbrella, 3) Lightsaber Heat Activated Magic Mug, 4) Imperial Stormtrooper Helmet, 5) LEGO Star Wars Destroyer

1) The Remarkably Average Mug, 2) The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting


I’m giving away three signed copies of “The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting” along with three Remarkably Average Mugs. They truly make the best gift for any mom or expecting mom you know. I hear dads like the book too!

Just leave a comment below telling me what you want for the holidays this year. Not your kids— YOU.


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