If you noticed some annoying ads on my page this week, don't be alarmed. That was just me trying and failing to make some money. I signed up for a new ad network, opted out of all pop-ups and intrusive advertising, but for some infuriating reason, they still showed up on my site.


I believe it was mainly a problem with mobile, but it's hard to say, since everyone gets served different ads. I didn't see anything until a reader notified me about it yesterday afternoon. While I was in a cab. Stuck in traffic. With no computer. FUN TIMES! 

Of course, I found out later that evening that my husband saw something wonky in the morning but (and I quote) "forgot to tell me". 

Uh-huh. Last night it took everything I had to "forget to kill him in his sleep".

I have now disabled all the ads and am working with the network to find a solution. I promise, I do not want to navigate through a sea of Old Navy promotions or watch a commercial for FOX Television before I am allowed to read my blog anymore than you do.

Speaking of optimizing my site, it has become glaringly apparent that I need to move my blog to a new platform and build it back up from scratch. 

I know. That sounds like a huge pain in the ass, but I don't really have a choice. (Cue heart palpitations.)


I've been debating how much I should change my blog with the move. My first instinct was to keep it exactly the same but then I realized there are probably some things that could make the site a little more user-friendly for those discovering it for the first time. 

For instance, maybe I should have a way to access content according to ageβ€” baby, toddler, preschooler, etc. Maybe the middle column should be a bit wider. Maybe Harlow's photo should be in the top banner so she doesn't use that as an example of why she hates me in her future therapy sessions.

Can you guys please do me a favor and give me some feedback on what you would and wouldn't change? What do you like about the blog? What could be improved upon? What do you see on other blogs that you pray to god I do not do to mine?

Please don't say the writing sucks, you could be funnier, get some new kids, etc.

I'm asking more about design, functionality and site architecture. (I learned the term "site architecture" yesterday. Doesn't it make me sound all internet fancy?)


Unicorns! Magic! Poop! Cats! Cats that poop on magical unicorns!

Ok, now I feel better.

Let's close out the week on something less excrutiating….

Look what Mazzy made for me this morning:

Photo (3)

Suddenly, 24 hours of labor and delivery seems totally worth it.

Have a great weekend!

β€” Mommy Shorts

PS: I'm serious. Please give me your honest opionions about the blog in the comments.

PPS: The "I Pretzel NY" t-shirts and onesies are from Piccolini.