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After Mazzy got tired of the surprise egg videos and the Russian woman who plays with the Frozen dolls, she moved on to kids who make their own YouTube videos. She is particularly obsessed with Seven Super Girls and Seven Awesome Kids, which I’ve watched a few times and they seem harmless enough. I like that they show Mazzy that even a little kid can film and create their own stories.

But… if you let your kid watch kids who make their own YouTube videos, be forewarned. You can almost guarantee that at some point your kid will want to make one too.

Case in point, one day last week, Mazzy did the cookie challenge at her camp. I have never heard of the cookie challenge but apparently this is something that people also do on YouTube.

“Mom! I want to make a YouTube video doing the cookie challenge!”

“Uhhhh…okay. When?”


It was late Wednesday night and Mazzy was Harlow had just gotten out of the bath. “Right now?”

“YES! Are you ready, Mom? Start filming!!!”

Let me just say that the next few minutes were some of the funniest of my life. Mazzy and Harlow used every YouTube Star catchphrase in the book and a few of their own that didn’t even really make sense. I almost peed in my pants trying to keep the camera still while I choked on my own laughter.

I highly recommend watching the entire thing.

Check out Mazzy and Harlow first self-directed YouTube video!

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I’m guessing this will not be the last of Mazzy and Harlow’s YouTube challenges.


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