The day before Super Tuesday, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobucher both ended their campaigns for the presidency and threw their weight behind Joe Biden. Beto O’Rourke and Jim Clyburn endorsed Biden too. By Tuesday night, once the votes started coming in, it became clear that we are now looking at a two way race between Biden and Sanders. This morning, a lot of Elizabeth Warren supporters, myself included, woke up to a pretty grim reality. It’s not just that their candidate isn’t winning. It’s that the United States has an undeniable reluctance to elect a woman.

I have been a Warren fan since the debates started because to me, she is the most qualified person on that stage. She sounds the smartest, has accomplished the most, and I trust her to have the needs of our country and its diverse citizens in mind as she helps to shape policy, protect civil rights, and save our democracy. It’s a huge job obviously and she seemed most up for the task.

But it does not look like Warren will be the Democratic nominee. I think I had already come to terms with that for a few weeks now. Just like I had come to terms with the fact that Kamala Harris was no longer an option. I was sad when she lost traction and dropped out back in December.

I was an Amy Klobuchar fan too. I liked that she was unapologetic about her ability to lead. I liked that she was proud of her accomplishments. I even liked that she wasn’t that likable. And I totally understood her beef with Pete Buttigieg. Pete annoyed Amy because, as she said, a woman with his qualifications would never have entertained running. That is the TRUTH.

Don’t get me wrong— I like Biden. I think he is a qualified and genuine candidate. I understand the strategy of having the other candidates drop out to consolidate a more moderate vote. I believe that Biden is running because he believes he is our best chance to save this country from Trump. He is probably right and I will happily vote for him (I will also vote for Bernie if that’s my choice in the general), but I think Harris, Warren and Klobuchar were more up to the challenge and ready to lead. I was much more excited by each one of those campaigns than I am with the two men left standing.

I know I have quite a few Bernie supporters following, but I hope we can all agree that seeing another incredible female candidate take a backseat to the men, in spite of everything Warren brings to the table is disheartening. It makes me question what exactly a woman in America would have to do to get the people in this country to vote for her. It’s not experience. It’s not likability. There just seems to be an impossible double standard to which no male candidate has to reach.

In 2016, I really thought our country was ready to elect a woman. Over the past few years, I feel we have regressed so far in the other direction. Or maybe we were never there and I was fooling myself.

I truly hope our country fixes it’s problem with powerful women in my lifetime.