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We all know the major milestones that happen during the first year— rolling over, eating solids, walking, talking, etc. But milestones don’t stop on your baby’s first birthday. In fact, I would argue that milestones at older ages are even more important. When your baby can bring her dishes to the sink herself? THAT’S a game changer.

25 Game changing Milestones way Beyond Walking and Talking:

1) The ability to unbuckle herself out of her carseat (and the wisdom not to do this while the car is still moving)

2) Takes off his own shoes

3) Takes off his own shoes and puts them away into a designated shoe space as opposed to leaving them wherever he took them off

4) Finds his own shoes in the designated shoe space and puts them on himself

5) The desire to dress herself in her own clothes (matching optional)

6) Able to use a remote control, particularly the pause button so she doesn’t miss anything when she goes to the bathroom

7) Reliably wipes. Every time.

8) Actually stays in bed after you say, “Good night!”, instead of following you out thirty seconds later

9) Pours his own cereal (even better if he can do this without waking you up)

10) Types the name of her favorite game website into the browser by herself

11) Actually cleans when he asks to help with chores, instead of making an even bigger mess

12) Uses a napkin to wipe her own hands and face (effectively)

13) Pumps his legs on the swings

14) Negotiates a toy trade without using blunt force trauma to close the transaction

15) Understands the concept of time and how long “Five more minutes!” actually lasts

16) Walks through the grocery store without riding in the shopping cart, freeing you from pushing an extra 40 pounds on top of the 150 pounds of groceries piled in your cart

17) Understands (and properly uses) sarcasm

18) Brushes her own hair and realizes that it hurts because of the knots in her hair and not, as she previously believed, because Mom is just really bad at brushing hair

19) Cuts up her own food into tiny pieces with a barely-sharp butter knife

20) Takes his dirty dishes to the kitchen and places them directly next to the sink.  Not in the sink, mind you, because everyone knows that kids don’t actually learn how to do this until they’re about 25.

21) Washes herself in the bathtub

22) Showers

23) Opens his own food wrappers, punches his own juice box with a straw, peels his own orange

24) Understands how incredibly delicious bacon is, and that it is never to be wasted or declined

25) Actually looks in the direction you are pointing, instead of every single direction except where your finger is pointing

26) Understands why pouring water out of the bathtub is a bad idea

27) Effectively blows her own nose and follows this glorious action up with throwing the tissue in the trash

28) In addition to saying “I love you,” tells you why (even if that reason is because you feed me)

What other game changing milestones would you add to the list?


This post was contributed by Janel Mills from 649.133 – Girls, the Care and Maintenance Of.

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