Last Thursday, our family traveled upstate for a long weekend (more on that later this week.) I was supposed to post the swag bag on Friday but I forgot to take pics, so Annie (my fabulous summer intern) volunteered to go out to our house and photograph the goods.

Normally, I would say, “No, don’t worry about it. The swag bag is not an emergency situation. We can just do it next week when I get back.”

But for some reason, I chose that day to be a hard-ass and said, “Yes, that’s a great idea. Go out there and send me the pics so I can post on Friday as planned.”

Nothing like making your college intern take her mom blogging job seriously!

So Annie went out the house, walked in and discovered our kitchen ceiling caving in with (her words) “a waterfall crashing down on the floor.” She says there was so much water that you could hear it coming down from outside the house.

She turned off the water, called us and then we called the plumber. Then she waited for him to come out to fix it.

Turns out the toilet in the master bedroom was leaking and enough water had pooled in the floor to break through to the kitchen ceiling below. He also said that if Annie hadn’t discovered it when she did, we probably would have come home to our upstairs toilet crashed into the middle of our kitchen floor.

By the time we got home last night, the toilet had been replaced and the kitchen ceiling had been patched. It still needs a fresh coat of paint and the wood floors underneath are buckling a bit, but all things considered, not too much damage.

So, thank you Annie! Thank you Mr. Plumber! And thank you to the swag bag! You all collectively saved us from regretting the decision to ever buy a house. (Also, I think it bears mentioning that even though Annie got me the pics, I did not post the swag bag on Friday as planned. Sorry about that! I was distracted by all the toilet drama!)

What’s in this heroic swag bag, you ask? It’s a good one!

1) A Captain America backpack

captain america

Seems appropriate that the heroic swag bag should contain something superhero related inside!

2) Cat Headbands

Cat Head Bands

Mazzy and Harlow have been wearing these a lot lately and everyone on Snapchat keeps asking me where I got them. I got them by googling “cat headbands” on Amazon.

3) N+B Meal Wheel

meal wheel 2

If you follow me on Snapchat, you’ve seen me use the meal wheel to convince my kids to eat their dinner many many times. It’s pretty genius. Besides getting my kids to “take a bite,” it’s taught my kids how to give a compliment.

4) Olay products


I’ve been talking about the importance of using a facial moisturizer with SPF all year long to stave off the signs of aging and here’s three products that will help you do it. You can also enter to win $250 of Olay products on my Instagram account.

5) Hello Kitty Bingo

Hello Kitty

Here’s another game you see Mazzy, Harlow and I play on Snapchat a lot. Besides Go Fish, Hello Kitty Big Roll Bingo Game one of the first games that my three-year-old really understands how to play.

6) Zanyzoo knitpet


What’s a swag bag without a weirdly adorable plush toy from Little MissMatched?

7) Extra Gum

extra gum

One of the reasons I started the swag bag was because Extra sent me a box full of hundreds of packs of gum that I had no idea what to do with. And then, just as I thought I had given away my last pack, they send me another huge box! Extra Gum for everyone!

8) Last Stop on Market Street

Last Stop On Market Street

I’ve been focusing a lot lately on reading books to my kids that include main characters of all different ethnic backgrounds. Last Stop on Market Street is one of my favorites. Not only is it a great book that showcases diversity, it tells the story of a grandmother who teaches her grandson the importance of giving to others less fortunate than you.

9) Colored Pencils

colored pencils

Remember when I made that rainbow of school supplies. I thought really hard about it and decided I could give up one item. Don’t tell Mazzy!

10) Olly Sleep Vitamins


Olly Restful Sleep vitamins are for adults, but I’ve also been promoting OLLY’s kid’s collection in my big “Super Kid” photo contest for a chance to win a $750 Target gift card. Yep, you read that right— it’s $750. I wrote $500 on the post when I promoted it, but I messed up— it’s more! Check out how to enter here.

11) Oh Joy! to the Rescue First Aid Kit

Oh Joy! First Aid Kit

I’ve even included Oh Joy! band aids, Finding Dory band aids and Neosporin in the kit for all your kids’ boo-boo needs.

12) A Mommy Shorts Mug


I can’t let a swag bag go by without giving away one of these! It’s from the limited collection of mugs with a slanted logo too.

Alright, that’s it.

Make sure you are a Mommy Shorts subscriber if you want to know how to win each month’s specially curated swag bag and be in on the fun! Entry instructions (which usually involve commenting on a random old post) will be sent out this Sunday night.

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winner update:

Congrats to Shelby Pitts!