This past year, Mazzy joined the Girl Scouts. She was part of a Brownie Troop with a group of girls from her school. This meant that over the spring, Mazzy had her first foray into selling Girl Scout Cookies, waiting for the Girl Scout Cookies to arrive, distributing them to everyone who purchased them and then demolishing the ones we purchased for ourselves within one sitting— I mean, one week.

When Mazzy and Harlow filmed their cookie challenge a few weeks back with Thin Mints, many of you remarked on how crazy it was that we still had Girl Scout cookies hanging around the house at the end of July.

The answer is simple: It was an unclaimed box. We might have distributed the wrong cookies to someone, received an extra box by accident or some other human error may have occurred. In any case, I hung onto the box for awhile in case someone claimed it. They did not. So by summer, I thought it was safe to open.

You can be rest assured, they are ALL GONE NOW.

Thankfully, Pillsbury has come out with a new line of Girl Scout Cookie inspired baking mixes to keep my family well entrenched in the flavors of Thin Mints and Samosas all year long.

Check out Mazzy and Harlow baking Thin Mint cupcakes. Judging by how much batter they ate throughout, I think it’s safe to say that they enjoyed them immensely.

In addition to Thin Mint Cupcake Mix, Pillsbury also sells Thin Mint Brownie Mix, Caramel & Coconut Blondie Mix and Caramel & Coconut Cupcake Mix.

If you buy one of the mixes, be prepared for your kids to demand to bake them IMMEDIATELY. Since I wanted to film Mazzy and Harlow baking them, I was faced with the odd challenge of waiting for the weekend when we could do it during daylight hours. Let’s just say, Mazzy and Harlow were less than patient about it.


If you’d like to win the full collection of Pillsbury’s new Girl Scout inspired mixes including Trefoil shaped silicone cupcake molds and cookie cutters, leave a comment below!

I will pick one winner on August 26th!


Congrats to Andrea, who was a girl scout for 15 years! Please contact annie@mommyshorts,com to claim your prize.


This post was sponsored by Pillsbury, but my kids love of baking Thin Mint cupcakes is their own.