The Launch of the Mommy Shorts Swag Bag

You all know I get lots of free stuff with this whole blogging gig— that’s no secret. People come over my house and I’m like— do you need a box of cereal? How about some nipple cream? Don’t leave without your bottle of Febreze!

Sometimes it’s because I’m working with a brand and they give me extra stuff to photograph. Sometimes it’s because I go to an event and get a gift bag. Blogging conferences, in particular, are notorious for overstuffing swag bags to the point where there is no way to even carry them out of your hotel room.

Most often, it’s because people just send me really random stuff.

For instance, I have a box of about 1000 packs of Extra gum sitting in my office. I have a $500 bejeweled jar of Vaseline that I most certainly did not pay for myself. And currently, I have a 5ft. foot Mega Mensch at my home that I made the Mensch people promise to take back after Hanukah.

We end up giving away a lot to charity, using some things as gifts (thanks for taking care of Mazzy and Harlow’s Hanukah gifts, random people who send me things!) and today I’m launching something new that means you guys might be the lucky recipients of some of this free stuff too.

I’m calling it “The Monthly Mommy Shorts Swag Bag” and it’s open only to daily or weekly email subscribers to my site.

If you are not already a subscriber, you can sign up here.

The Swag Bag will include a bunch of specially selected items from my current partners as well as a bunch of random surprises that I’ll cull together from the things that just happened to arrive at my doorstep that month.

To enter, I’ll be asking a random question in my weekly newsletter to make sure I am giving away the monthly swag bag to the people who are true fans and really paying attention.

What’s inside this month’s swag bag??? Let me tell you!

1) a Chore chart from Land of Nod:

The Launch of the Mommy Shorts Swag Bag

This Nod Gobs of Jobs Activity Chart was featured on my Snapchat story one night and at least fifty people direct messaged me, asking me where they could find one. It’s from Land of Nod, one of my favorite resources for kids’ room decor and the decorator of both Mazzy and Harlow’s city room and their bedroom at the summer house. Land of Nod was kind enough to include a chore chart in my Swag Bag. I must say— I never thought I would see Mazzy and Harlow get so pumped to participate in manual labor, so the chart has been truly life changing!

2) A box of snacks from NatureBox

The Launch of the Mommy Shorts Swag Bag

Naturebox is a snack lover’s dream come true, with a variety of unique flavorful healthier options delivered straight to your door every month. Their Mini Belgian Waffles are Harlow’s preferred choice during her hangriest moments so they’ll be included in my Swag Bag along with Dark Cocoa Almonds, Spicy Sriracha Popcorn, Dried Pears, and Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps and…I’m even throwing in a 6 month Naturebox subscription to sweeten the deal!

Get 50% off your first box by clicking this link.

3) An eco-friendly backpack and cuddly friends from apple park

The Launch of the Mommy Shorts Swag Bag

Apple Park is a longtime favorite of mine both for the adorableness of their baby products and their eco-friendly philosophies. Not only are all their lovies made from organic materials, their backpacks are made with recycled water bottles. In the swag bag, you’ll find a Monkey backpack, Mouse Ballerina (Harlow sleeps with hers every night), Boxer Dog (best friend to my nephew Jack) and the Big Picnic Pals board book.

For a 20% discount on all Apple Park items, use the code MSSB20. Offer is valid until 12/13.

4) a box of Hershey’s KISSES DELUXE

The Launch of the Mommy Shorts Swag Bag

I’ve had a box of Hershey’s KISSES DELUXE in my office and I’m embarrassed to say— I ate the whole box BY MYSELF. I mean, it’s extra big chocolate kisses with hazelnut filling. HOW DOES ONE RESIST??

5) three MyCharge AMP portable back-up chargers

The Launch of the Mommy Shorts Swag Bag

I never leave my apartment without my myCharge back-up charger and if I do, I might have a panic attack. In the swag bag, I’m including their AMP Plus w/ USBAMP Mini, and AMP Max w/ USB. The Amp series is so small, they can easily fit in a purse, a pocket or little junior’s backpack, with pretty significant extra juice. The AMP Mini provides 15 additional hours of talk time, the AMP Plus delivers 22 and the AMP Max (which charges smart phones as well as tablets) comes in at a whooping 45 additional hours.

For a 40% discount off the Amp Series, use the code school.

6) A Kinsa Thermometer

The Launch of the Mommy Shorts Swag Bag

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer hooks up to your smart phone to give a quick and accurate reading and has become our preferred thermometer in the Wiles household. Especially since the app remembers fevers, symptoms, medications, and notes so that you can stay on top of your kid’s stomach bug while focusing on doling out extra snuggles and hugs.

7) A Mommy Shorts Mug

The Launch of the Mommy Shorts Swag Bag

The Mommy Shorts Mug is the perfect vessel for coffee, tea or a hidden glass of vodka. It can sit comfortably on a table without falling over and features a handle for easy carrying and drinking.

8) A bag from T.J.Maxx (plus some other super random freebies)

The Launch of the Mommy Shorts Swag Bag

T.J.Maxx has not only been a great blog sponsor this year, they have totally transformed the way I shop. Have you seen their bag and shoe department? It’s incredible. When I was looking for a bag to put all this free stuff in, I knew I could find something good there. (Plus, I highly recommend T.J.Maxx for holiday wrapping paper. Look at all of the pretty wrapping I did this year!

So there you have it. The first Mommy Shorts Swag Bag. You don’t have to do anything to enter on this post— just be on alert when you get my newsletter this weekend. Although, if you do like this idea, please let me know in the comments below.

If you are not already a subscriber, sign up here! Both daily and weekly subscribers qualify.

Thanks for being such great fans this year!