It’s been about a month since I announced my partnership with T.J.Maxx and had my big shopping spree at their 6th avenue store to celebrate. Since then, I have become quite obsessed with numerous items I purchased there, like my black and white plaid coat/wrap thing that you’ll find all over my snapchat (ilanawiles), namely because I wear it EVERY DAY.


I must say, I get quite a thrill every time someone compliments me on it (which is quite often), because it was $59. I should probably keep my mouth shut and let people believe I’m wearing a small fortune on my back, but I love surprising people with the price.

“Where did you get it?”

“T.J.Maxx. It was $59!”

Something about letting people in on my little secret makes me feel like I am winning at life.

You’ve also probably seen me in my black and white striped shirt ($14!) because I wear it as much as I possibly can without raising any eyebrows. Every morning, as I look through my closet, I think: Hmmmm…. has a sufficient amount of time passed since I wore my striped shirt last? Today is Monday… I think I wore it last Wednesday… So that means there has been a full weekend between wearings— yes! It’s a go!


I also get a lot of play out of these cool half leather pants and splatter paint top.

And I have worn the crap out my silver driving shoes which are way more comfortable than sockless flats are supposed to be.

Since the holidays are coming up, I find myself toting around my silver heels regularly for one of those day to night quick change operations I used to read about in magazines.

I wore my bright pink shirt dress to Harlow’s birthday party which I haven’t gotten around to posting yet but here’s a sneak peak. Please ignore the disco ball around my neck— that was a Harlow addition to my attire.

And I’m looking forward to wearing my knit pom pom hat when it gets a little colder.


All this is to say, that one T.J.Maxx shopping trip was RIDICULOUSLY successful.

Now that the holidays are gearing up (Hanukah starts on December 6th!), I’m looking to accomplish a bunch of gift shopping for the girls all in one swoop. T.J.Maxx is often not the first place that comes to mind when buying toys for the kids, but they actually have tons of choices from well-known toy brands for amazing prices that you can find elsewhere.

Last November, I went on a girl’s trip to Rhode Island with four friends and ended up at a T.J.Maxx in Providence because someone (me) forgot to pack socks. The four of us wandered into the toy section and in addition to the socks, ended up buying two huge bags of toys a piece. Holiday shopping for the kids complete.

You don’t have to go into a T.J.Maxx store to experience the great savings and buy all your gifts. I went online to see who I could cross off my list.

Here’s what I came up with:

Gifts for Harlow:

harlow's numbered picks

1) Schylling Broom Set 2) Doctor Kit 3) Lumberjax Log Set 4) Alphabet Dog Puzzle 5) Blocks 6) Prince Lionheart Balance Bike 7) Ladybug Tea Set with Basket 8) My Little Town

Gifts for Mazzy:

Mazzys numbers gifts

1) Power Kite 2) Sewing Machine 3) Fashion Design Activity Kit 4) Tumbling Blocks 5) Dominos 6) Magic Tricks Set 7) Heart Necklace 8) Hi Rise Dollhouse 9) Create a Wooden People Family

I also put together this graphic of items Mazzy and Harlow already own that I highly recommend.

TJ Maxx holiday toy selections

1) Madeline Board Book 2) Seedling Adventure Kit 3) Tree Haus Castle Blocks 4) Harmonica 5) Stacking puzzle 6) The Book with No Pictures 7) Vintage Circus 8) Fold and Go Wooden Dollhouse

So when you’re holiday shopping and comparing prices on your kids’ wish lists— do not forget to check out the options at T.J.Maxx. Chances are there will be a bunch of stuff your kids want and a lot of great new ideas that you hadn’t thought of too.

Also- I found this, which as far as I’m concerned is THE PERFECT GIFT to bring to a hostess. Come with cake, leave them with the old-fashioned jumbo cake carrier.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 11.14.16 PM

How genius is that????

Did I mention you can also find really nice wrapping paper at T.J.Maxx too?


This post was sponsored by T.J.Maxx, but all excitement about my clothes are my own.