Remember how everyone was so excited about my first Mommy Shorts Swag Bag? I’m hoping you’ll be just as excited about the second one!

In case you don’t know what the Swag Bag is, it’s a bunch of free stuff culled together from my various brand partners that month, gifts from recent events I attended, and a few special items that might relate back to something specific that happened, like Mazzy’s birthday party.

Besides the items featured below, there were also be a few surprise freebies thrown in. For instance, Extra sent me a box of about 1000 packs of gum, so from now until the end of time, there will always be a few packs in the box.

1) LittleMissMatched Doodle Headphones


I haven’t featured this on the blog just yet, but if you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, you probably saw Mazzy’s very first fashion shoot with LittleMissMatched. Mazzy did AMAZING and surprised everyone in the place, including the professional models. They were ten-year-old girls, but STILL. LittleMissMatched was kind enough to donate four items to the cause, the first being these awesome Doodle Headphones, which let kids color in their own unique designs on each ear.

2) LittleMissMatched Sweet Treats 4 in 1 Bag


When Mazzy and I went to the LittleMissMatched offices to pick her clothes for the photo shoot, we both flipped over the Sweet Treats bag. Not just because it’s covered in cupcakes and doughnuts. The bag magically changes from a tote to a pouch to a backpack, with just a few strategically placed zippers.

3) Curious Chef Nylon Knife


Remember Mazzy’s Inside Out themed birthday party? It was a Disgusting Cooking party where the kids made all green foods. Inside the gift bags was this Curious Chef Cooking Knife
perfect for teaching little kids how to perfect their culinary skills without losing a finger.

3) $100 Zappos Gift Card

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.10.50 PM

Over the past few months, I’ve been working with Zappos over on @Insta2yearold showcasing my favorite shoes and clothes from their site including tiny Adidas Samba classic sneakers, an “I Don’t Chase Boys” t-shirt from Under Armor, studded pink high tops from Jumping Jacks, and black Eileen Fisher boots for myself. Yeah, apparently Zappos would rather work with Harlow than me. That’s cool. Either way, thanks for the awesome addition to the swag bag!

4) Signed Copy of The Book with No Pictures


The Book with No Pictures remains one of Mazzy and Harlow’s very favorite books. We have read it together so many times, they both have it memorized. After I wrote my raving review, B.J. Novak sent me a few signed copies. Well, I’m sure his publishing company sent me a few signed copies that they already had in a storage closet somewhere, but let’s just pretend B.J. Novak reads mommy blogs in his spare time and sent me the copy himself.

5) Sleepy, Hungry and Happy onesies from Baby Gap


A few months ago I went to a breakfast for a Baby Gap collaboration with Birchbox. These adorable onesies were part of the gift bag but unfortunately, Harlow was about two years too big to fit into them.

6) Box of Hershey’s kisses Deluxe


At the end of last year, you saw Mazzy and Harlow deliver Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe to Grammy and Grandma Toby and next week, I’ll be giving out more kisses for Valentine’s Day. Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe Chocolates are twice the size of regular kisses with a roasted hazelnut in the center. I have finished off two boxes on my own so the least I could was share.

7) LittleMissMatched Notebook and iPad Case


Way before Mazzy’s photo shoot with Little MissMatched, she owned the awesome rubber neon notebook above. It’s got actual paper inside! If you prefer typing to writing, LittleMissMatched threw in an iPad case too.

8) Monster Hands


These awesome Monster Hand Tattoos were part of my holiday gift guide last year and because Grandma Toby is so on top of gift giving, she used our guide to get Mazzy and Harlow’s actual gifts. For some reason, when she ordered the Monster Hands, they came four boxes in a pack— more Monster Hands than one family can handle!

9) PUg Coasters


I honestly have no idea where these came from (maybe the gift bag from a Febreze event and it was a reference to pet odor?) but someone else might appreciate them more than I do. I think I’ll make it a habit of always including one super random item.

In addition to the featured items above, you can also find a whole bunch of never opened beauty products (people send me a lot of beauty products), a Kidz Bop CD, Elmo and of course— GUM.

How do you enter to win all these fabulously random prizes?

That’s a good question.

The Mommy Shorts Swag Bag is designed to say thank you to my most dedicated followers, so to enter, you must subscribe to my daily or weekly newsletter.

In this weekend’s newsletter, I will give you instructions of how to enter.

Think of it like a blogging scavenger hunt. And who knows, maybe I’ll start including more secret giveaways throughout the month!

Winner Update:

Congrats to Katie Moretti!