The votes are in and the people have decided. "The Annette Funicello" is the winner of the Epic Baby Hair Contest

I think Annette sealed her victory before the contest even started when everyone questioned whether she was actually wearing a wig. As if, baby-sized wigs were a regular thing.

Annette's mom supplied the proof below and said if anyone still questioned the authenticity of her daughter's hair, they were more than welcome to come over and brush it in the morning.


At that point, how could the contest go to anyone else? 

Annette didn't run away with it though. She had only 16.95% of the vote. "The Lollipop Guild" was right on her heels with 16.19%.


Some felt LG's hair was more funny than epic. Speaking of which, I've got my picks for the 20 Funniest Heads of Baby Hair from the contest over on Babble today. Which includes hairstyles like "The Goldfish", "The Bunsen Burner", "The Something About Mary" and "The Pauly D".





If you're wondering who I voted for, I didn't vote. But if I did, I'd have a hard time not giving it to "The Changing of the Guard". She just kills me, every time. 


If you're wondering who Baby Sideburns (our esteemed judge that helped me cull the pool down to the final twleve) would have voted for, here's what she had to say:

I mean they're all so F'ing funny, but "The Johnny Bravo" is funny AND it defies gravity. I can just imagine the parents putting hair gel on this rug rat and the second they do, the hair just pops up again. Truly awesome.


If you're wondering who my dad voted for, because it's Father's Day this weekend and you are not supposed to care about anyone else (except maybe YOUR dad…), he voted for "The Lenny Kravitz".


But the only vote that matters is the reader vote and you guys understandably voted Annette. She will be receiving a $50 gift credit for Little Hips Squeaks to use towards their awesome hats, headbands and blankets.


AND she will forever be known as "The Baby with Such an Epic Head of Hair Nobody Believed it was Real". Bragging rights are almost better than free hats.

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Thank you to everyone for participating and hope you all have a Happy Father's Day!

— Mommy Shorts