I’ve been accumulating all these videos of Harlow singing “Let It Go” on my iPhone. I keep thinking I am gong to post them and then I think— Nobody wants to hear my baby sing Let It Go. They probably don’t want to listen to their own children sing “Let It Go”. Since they’ve heard it over and over and over again for OVER A YEAR.

But then I tried to upload all my videos on my computer and found my computer was out of space and the only way to preserve Harlow singing “Let It Go” (without having to start the tough task of archiving all my pics on one of my back-up hard drives) was to post a piece of it on Instagram.

That video got so many “likes”, I realized I’ve been wrong all along. People do want to hear Harlow singing “Let It Go”. They want to hear Harlow singing “Let It Go” more than any other video or picture I’ve posted on Instagram all year.

So, here is the full :21 second clip. FYI- Harlow sang for much longer but my camera memory ran out in the middle and stopped recording.

No doubt due to too many clips of Harlow singing Let It Go already on my phone.

If you try to call me and my voicemail says I have run out of room, you can blame that on Harlow singing “Let It Go” as well.

If you would like this blog to become all Harlow seeing “Let it Go” all the time, I can arrange that for you as well.


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