In the newest episode of the Mommy Shorts Show, a very pregnant Eva Amurri Martino comes over to talk about her lifestyle blog “Happily Eva After.” I say “very pregnant” not because she looks huge (she looks perfect and amazing) but because she was actually nine months pregnant when we shot the show.

Oh my god, wait. Maybe she had the baby!!!! I’m going to shoot over to her blog and see. BRB…

Nope. Not yet.

Where was I? Oh, yes. Eva gave up acting recently when she realized she didn’t find it fulfilling enough to justify the time away from her two-year-old daughter, Marlowe.

Marlowe, I should add, has the very unique distinction of being able to call Susan Sarandon, “Grandma.” It didn’t make the final edit but Eva told me that her mother actually prefers to go by the name “Honey.” I think that suits Susan Sarandon much better than “Grammy,” don’t you think?

Before the interview began, I was at Target picking up some supplies for the show. Like Pampers Easy Ups, which is of course, the show’s sponsor. They flew in a team of people to help our production crew, which made me feel very important. As did arriving at Target with a camera crew at 5am.

Hope you enjoy the latest episode!

FYI, those pregnancy cravings are all real, lifted directly from comments you guys made on my facebook page. Those weren’t even the weirdest ones!

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