When Mazzy was little, I documented each milestone with its very own post. But with Harlow, time passes so fast, I find she's onto the next milestone before I've mentioned the last one. We all know she reached her physical milestones all at once (rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking, driving, etc.), but talking has been much slower.

Harlow is 19 months now and over the past week, she has started stringing together a few words here and there, so I think a big breakthrough is coming soon. Before that happens, I'd like to take a moment to remember some of the little things she does that make me laugh. The things that let me know she understands what's going on, even though she can't quite communicate.

Here are fifteen things about Harlow right now, I'd like to remember:

1. Harlow wakes up between 5am and 6am. It's brutal, but that's a story for another time. She cries to alert us (and by us, I mean, ME) and I rush to her room to take her out of her crib before she wakes up Mazzy. When Harlow sees me, her greeting is not "Mama" or "Good Morning" or even "Hi". It's "waffle". What does that mean? Loosely translated it's "Get me a waffle immediately before I scream so loud I wake my sister!" Then she will continue to whimper in my arms until the waffle is unearthed from the freezer, stuck in the toaster for three minutes, cut into four triangles and then served up ceremoniously on a plate. At this point, I can make a waffle with one arm with my eyes closed in the dark, and at 5:15am, I pretty much do.

2. Every morning, when we walk Mazzy to camp with her backpack, Harlow insists on wearing a backpack too. It's more than half her size.


3. Harlow is obsessed with a book called Boo. You know that little furball internet celebrity? I got the book as a gift for a friend but never gave it to her. Then Harlow found it and became obsessed. Every night before bed, I try to select a different book and she screams, "BOO BOO BOO!!!" The book is 100 pictures of the same dog in different locations and outfits, with lines like "Urban pup", "Casual pup", and "Here I am frolicking in the grass!" For some reason, Harlow cracks up at the same photo every time. The caption is "preppy pup" and it's Boo wearing a green sweater. She just loses it, giggling and pointing. There are far more interesting photos ("Monkey Pup" and "Glam Pup" come to mind) so I have no idea what Harlow finds so much more amusing about "Preppy Pup" than the others.


4. Harlow likes everything Mazzy likes, even if she has no idea what the stuff is. Case in point: Mike bought Mazzy princess themed toothpaste and Mazzy (understandably) got really excited. Then Harlow refused to use her Thomas the Train toothpaste because she wanted to use the princess toothpaste too. But the princess toothpaste is made for older kids who have the ability to spit it out. So… after much screaming and crying and Harlow having no clue why I wouldn't just let her use the goddamn princess toothpaste (WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN, MOOOOOM????!!!), I covered the Thomas toothpaste with princess stickers. Now she is totally fine with it.


5. Harlow's favorite thing to say is "thank you". If you give her fifty things in a row, she will say "thank you" fifty times after each exchange. It is perhaps the cutest thing I have ever heard. Or anyone has ever heard. I'll have to make a "Harlow saying thank you" greatest hits video. Give me a few days.

6. When Harlow does things, she does them with PURPOSE. Check out this video of her banging on the drums.

7. Harlow likes to clean. Every time I'm not looking, Harlow rifles through the diaper bag and finds the wet wipes. Then she takes one out and starts wiping the windows. Also, whenever I start putting her toys away, she helps out while singing the "clean up" song. Except it sounds more like "ean up, ean up…". She also likes to BE clean. There is nothing she likes better than taking a bath, brushing her teeth and washing her hands. Often the struggles we have is when I force her (kicking and screaming) to stop washing herself. Not exactly a fight I ever thought I would have as a parent.

8. Harlow thinks all dolls are called "Anna". Sometimes she also thinks her sister's name is "Anna" depending on the day.


Speaking of Frozen, the other day my stepmother (aka Nonna) gave Mazzy her first cup of chocolate milk. Mazzy took one sip and said "Chocolate…" in this way that sounded really familiar. I said, "Mazzy, where did you hear that? What's that from?" And then Harlow shouted, "Anna!!!" She was right. Mazzy said it exactly like Anna and Elsa say "chocolate" in unison in Frozen.


9. One more from Frozen. (By the way, it feels like most people have moved on from Frozen, but my kids are still firmly entrenched so there's nothing I can do about that.) In case you ever take out your phone or laptop while watching Harlow, please know that when she screams "Go!", that is Harlow speak for "Please let me watch the Let It Go video on YouTube".


10. Remember how Harlow always carried around a purse? She is now obsessed with all accessories including necklaces, bags, hats, scarves, etc. In fact, a few weeks ago we were outlet shopping and Harlow tried to leave a store with five purses over her arm. Did I mention she likes to steal too?


Speaking of accessories, Harlow never met a pair of sunglasses she didn't like.


11. Harlow also loves shoes. She often hands me her shoes so that I can put them on her feet first thing in the morning, hours before we are ready to walk out the door. She also likes everyone else to be wearing their shoes and is very proud of herself that she knows who's shoes are who's and where to find them. Every morning she goes into our closets and then delivers our respective shoes. Dad gets his flip flops hand delivered. Mazzy gets her salt waters placed in front of her. I get my black platform sandals. If you ever come over our apartment at 6am, you'll probably find all of us wearing pajamas and shoes.

12. The first time Harlow tried ketchup was at a nearby restaurant. She kept sticking her fries in the ketchup and licking it off. Finally, I told her she had to eat some of her chicken too. So she took her fry but instead of dipping it into the ketchup, she dipped it into the basket of chicken nuggets. Then she licked that same damn fry once again.


13. Harlow imitates every thing we do. If I cough, she spends the next ten minutes practicing coughing. If I blow my nose, Harlow grabs a tissue and blows hers too. Every time any one goes to the bathroom, Harlow runs in, points to her diaper and says "poopie" or "pee-pee". At first we thought she was telling us she had to go and would jump off the toilet to sit her on the potty. But now we realize she is just copying us. Or rather, narrating our bowel movements in baby talk. Aren't we lucky?

14. Harlow still has the same killer glare she's had since she was born. But she has a killer smile too. Even if the pacifier gets in the way.


15. I've been working busily trying to get Harlow to say "I love you" and she kind of says something similar back. Yesterday, instead of just repeating me when I said "I love you", Harlow very clearly added "Mommy" to the end. As in, "I love you, Mommy".

"Very clearly" might be an exaggeration. But I'm her mom. I know what she said.


What's your baby up to lately? And if your kids are past the baby stage, please tell me they are not over Frozen yet!


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