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This video is hilarious and I will show it to every parent with Frozen obsessed children I know. But it is also the reason you can't leave your four-year-old alone with an iPad and access to YouTube.

I learned this the hard way.

Anyone else's kids navigate from legitimate Frozen videos to that woman who makes doll dresses out of playdough (YouTube name: DisneyCarToys) with the most annoying voice known to man and then wander unsupervised into a Frozen fan fiction vortex where a grown woman acts out "family-friendly" Frozen fantasies with dolls?

First Christof and Anna were just frolicking at the beach and all seemed okay but then Anna woke up next to Christof with "snot" all over her because of a "practical joke" and two videos later she was pregnant.

Ummmm… Mazzy, you are not allowed to watch YouTube anymore. 

Regardless, enjoy the video below (not created by DisneyCarToys, thank god)…


Three questions:

1) What are kid-friendly alternatives to YouTube?

2) So… I should really be watching Orange is the New Black, right?

3) How much money do you think DisneyCarToys (I refuse to link to her) is raking in by playing with dolls on camera? She's got thousands of videos each with about one million views. Man, we are all doing it wrong.