When you’re expecting a baby, you might have a feeling about whether you’re having a boy or a girl. You might even (secretly) have a preference… but if anyone asks, the standard response is always, “We just want the baby to be healthy” or “We’ll be happy no matter what the gender is!”

Under certain circumstances, some expecting parent might really, REALLY be hoping for one gender or the other, like maybe, let’s say… a family that already has four girls.

Watch this dad’s reaction to the news that his wife is expecting their FIFTH daughter. I don’t want to make assumptions, especially when unborn children are involved, but… I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and say Dad probably had his heart set on a boy.

My favorite part is after Dad’s dramatic reaction when Mom nonchalantly observes, “He may be dead. We’re not sure.”

I think she’s ready.

I’m sure, eventually Dad will come to terms and by the time that newborn arrives, he’ll be thrilled to welcome any healthy new addition to their family.

Let’s just hope he also has enough time to add on five or six bathrooms for the teen years. That’s gonna be ROUGH.

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