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As difficult as it might be to make mom friends, it’s always worth the effort—there’s absolutely nothing like them. No one can whip out a snack for your hangry child faster, talk about diaper rash remedies longer or commiserate about a classroom lice outbreak quite like a mom friend can.

Of course, moms are only human, so not everyone is going to be the perfect fit for your corner of the sandbox. And few can be both reliable and fun, resourceful and compassionate, current and down-to-earth, so it’s probably best you have more than just one.

Whether you have a small, tight-knit group of gal pals or a contact list in your phone a mile long, here are some of the common types of mom friends you’ll find.


It often takes a mom to understand another mom’s busy schedule, so when you suddenly find an open time slot for a trip to Target with the kids or (GASP!) a girls’ night out, this friend always seems to have a sitter hiding in her closet and is ready to join at a moment’s notice. This mom is particularly helpful come Saturday when your kid says, “Who do I have playdate with today, Mom?” and you realize you forgot to make any plans. Last Minute Mom Friend to the rescue!

2) The STRICTLY Sidelines MOm FRIEND

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You see each other at practices, games and booster activities every week, and thank goodness for that—who else has an emergency Band Aid for your baseball star’s boo-boo and your back when the officiator makes a terrible call? She really was safe, by the way.

3) The Just-On-Facebook MOM Friend

You might never see her in real life, but without fail she “likes” every photo you upload of your kid. In return, you make sure to leave reassuring comments every time she posts a panicky update about her kid’s bug bite, which by the way, she’s absolutely convinced is from a poisonous spider.

4) The Frazzled Mom Friend

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The one with drool on her shoulder and playdoh in her hair? The one who texts you every Thursday asking what time ballet class starts even though it starts at the same time every Thursday? That’s the frazzled mom. You love her because her house is a mess and the backseat of her car is a garbage dump and her kids are wearing shorts in winter, just like yours.

5) The Cool Mom Friend

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This mom is clued in to the preschool playground cliques, the must-have toys your kid needs to have this Christmas, the words to the latest Katy Perry song and all the names to the guys in One Direction. If you can’t understand the hashtag reference on your 12-year-old’s latest Instagram pic, this mom will not only tell you what it means, she’ll tell you to watch out— your daughter is also on Snapchat.

6) The Bait-and-Switch MOM FRIEND

The fun ladies’ night at her house ends up being a Pampered Chef party, the email “just checking in” dovetails into a Jamberry promo code and “Let’s meet at the gym” seems to be code for “…so I can sell you on fat burning wraps”, but what’s a few bucks in the name of a new buddy, right?

7) The Fashionista Mom friend

kinds of mom friends

She must sleep in her makeup, because no matter how early you meet for coffee or how late the neighborhood barbecue lasts, she is always flawlessly put together. She claims she just threw her outfit on and didn’t even look in the mirror, so what is her secret? Get to know her well enough and you’ll find out— she is ONE BIG LIAR.

8) The MouthY mom friend

A perfect companion for the shy moms out there, this woman isn’t afraid to speak up on your behalf when someone gives unsolicited advice on the playground or say “I DON’T THINK SO” when the PTO president nominates you to organize yet another fundraiser. In fact, she relishes the opportunity. And you could take a lesson or two, PUSHOVER.

9) The Pinterest Perfectionist MOM FRIEND

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So what if her birthday cakes are 14 feet tall, her holiday card was hand engraved and she sews all her kids’ adorable clothes herself? You know you can count on her when it comes time for the class craft sale. And… she’ll probably prefer it if you just keep her company while she does all of the work.

10) The Stop-Drop-and-Roll Mom FRIEND

You could’ve sworn she said Do you want to get together?, but when she brings her kids over and then ducks into your bathroom for a quick primp with a curling iron, you realize she must’ve asked, Do you want to be my babysitter? You let it slide, though, because that means SHE OWES YOU ONE and favors are worth their weight in GOLD.

11) The Secret Agent Mom friend

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You don’t know how she gets her intel, but she always knows who the new SAHD at the playground is, who had a breastfeeding nip slip at the mall and the real story behind why the school lunch lady got fired. This is the best mom to dish with… as long as the nip slip isn’t yours.

12) The Mentor Mom friend

Her kids are a year or two older than yours, making her your go-to resource for every question regarding bottle feeding to how long second grade homework is supposed to take. If you use your relationship right, this necessary mom friend can save you both money and time. Use it to buy her a dozen doughnuts (from the good place) and a Thank You card.

13) The Mentee Mom friend

kinds of mom friends mentee

In this case, your kids are a few years older, which means she’s the lucky recipient of everything your kids outgrow. Plus, doling out advice makes you feel like you actually know what you are doing for once. You’re applying to preschool, you say? Oh, honey, I’ve been there. Let me show you the way. 

14) The Irreplaceable Mom friend

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You arrange playdates for the kids just so you can see each other. When your kid has a public breakdown, she tells you that happened to her just yesterday. And she never judges when you forget to bring a snack to after school pick-up. She’s that perfect combo of somewhat frazzled (to make you feel normal) and somewhat dependable (so you can trust her with your kids in an emergency). She needs coffee as much as you do and she knows how to take a joke. Maybe you met her in Mommy & Me when you were both first time moms or maybe you bonded when your kids got in a fight at daycare, but however she came into your life, you’re oh-so-grateful she’s here to stay.


This post was a collaboration with Robyn Welling. To read more from Robyn, visit Hollow Tree Ventures.

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