Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 8.22.38 PMToday is an exciting day in Mommy Shorts history. The Mommy Show is debuting on YouTube! Yes, that’s right, all the people who complained they couldn’t see the old episodes in Canada or New Zealand or Germany or any of the other places I was like “Really? You are reading from Madagascar??? Awesome!” will now be able to view the series just like everybody else.

And for all those people who were like, “Seriously? I have to click over to another site to watch your show? Why can’t you just embed them here and not make me work so damn hard!” this is for you too.

The premiere episode of the Mommy Show, starring myself, Mazzy and our new friend Taye Diggs, for your fully embedded viewing pleasure.

Watch him fold my laundry, craft a sock spider and try to open my baby-proofed toilet. He even takes his shirt off for the occasion.

If you’d like to read the behind the scenes post about how the sound guy couldn’t clip my mic onto the top of my maternity jeans and stuff like that, click here.