Last week, I introduced you to ten mompreneurs and their momventions. Today, I've got ten more. These twenty mom-owned companies (oops, excuse me— nineteen mom-owned companies and one dad-owned company) all got together to sponsor two posts on Mommy Shorts.

It was tons of fun reading through everyone's ideas for new parenting products under last week's giveaway. I knew I wasn't the only one with unrequited momvention dreams! Oh, the Burp Cloth Mitt that never was…

Below are ten new momventions from a UV 50+ zip-up swimsuit to a diaper bag that doubles as a nursing pillow. All with the stories behind each idea from the inventors themselves, special offers for Mommy Shorts readers throughout and a big giveaway at the end of the post.


Momvention #1: Baby Hobo Diaper Bag/Feeding Pillow ($115) by Warm Milk


Mom: Patricia Peters

What is it?

The Baby Hobo by Warm Milk is the only nursing support pillow that doubles as a super roomy, light weight and fully functional diaper bag. 

What gave you the idea?

The concept for Warm Milk sprang to life in 2004 after the birth of my first child. Like many new moms, I was determined to do everything right and provide my daughter with the best start in life. I hired a lactation consultant who helped me navigate through those first 10 days of new parenthood. So I was feeling pretty confident when I packed my diaper bag and my stroller, and headed out with my baby to our first doctor’s visit. After about ten minutes in the waiting room, my daughter began to cry with hunger. No problem, I thought. I know exactly what to do. But suddenly, I realized that I didn’t have my nursing/feeding support pillow that I had come to rely on at home. What could I do? I looked around the room for a pillow but there was nothing I could use. In a moment of desperation, I picked up my diaper bag and put it on my lap. I threw a blanket over it and suddenly I had an instant nursing/feeding support pillow. Problem solved.

How did you turn it into a business?

After having that AHA! moment in the doctor's office, we submitted a patent application and started working on a professional prototype. The process took a long time, but eventually, we had a product produced that we felt happy with. With the Baby Hobo, you just unzip one side to reveal the plush pillow underneath and you can adject the shoulder strap to hold the Hobo around your waist.

Special Offer: Enter coupon code GENIUS for 20% off your order at Warm Milk.

Giveaway: One Baby Hobo Bag

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Momvention #2: BARE Air-Free Baby Bottle ($14.99) by BittyLab


Mom: Priska Diaz

What is it?

Bitty Lab Bare is an air-free baby bottle.

What gave you the idea?

As a new mother and big supporter of breastfeeding, I was set to exclusively breastfeed our first son. Unfortunately, my low milk supply forced me to supplement. After I started bottle feeding, my baby begin to favor a bottle nipple to my own. And to make things worse, the bottle feeding turned him into a bag of gas resulting in endless sleepless nights for the three of us. I found out that bottle air-vents are used to prevent nipple collapsing, but the content stream of air mixes with the milk and ends up being ingested by the baby resulting in gas and colic. My breasts don't have air-vents, why should baby bottles?

How did you turn it into a business?

While trying to find a solution to my gas and latching issues, I started Bittylab, LLC in June of 2010. Three years later, I launched Bare®— the first and only baby bottles to dispense Air-free milk. The highly functional device uses syringe technology to expel air-out and keep it out while baby feeds. This minimizes air-ingestion that causes gas/colic. The Perfe-latch nipple is designed to mimic a lactating breast by stretching while feeding only, to minimize nipple confusion.

Special Offer: Use promo code Shorts10off for a 10% discount of the entire cart at Bittylab.

Giveaway: One Bare Baby Bottle.

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Momvention #3: Bobee Diaper and Wipe Dispenser ($42.00)


Mom: Stacy Harfert

What is it?

Bobee diaper & wipe dispenser is a wall mounted organizer for the changing area that lets you grab a diaper or wipe with one hand while keeping one hand safely on the baby.

What gave you the idea?

My family and I moved to Colorado when I was 8 months pregnant and had a 15-month-old son. Unpacking was quite a feat with my little one and big belly, and figuring out where to put everything so we could function once the new baby arrived was a challenge. One afternoon, my son kept pulling down the packages of diapers from the changing table and playing with them. I knew there had to be a better way to store the diapers and wipes.

How did you turn it into a business?

Being creative and handy with a tool belt, I created my first prototype out of plexi-glass. I loved how well it worked so surveyed other parentsto see if they would like a diaper dispenser too. I was overwhelmed with the positive response. Then I got a patent and learned all about injection molded plastic. I am so proud to be Made in USA (Colorado in fact) and doing something that I love which allows me to be with my kids after school.

What would you like to invent next?

I have some really great ideas for a diaper pail and a portable diaper caddy.

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Giveaway: One Bobee diaper and wipe organizer.

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Dadvention #4: Daddy Scrubs Daddy Swag Gift Set ($89.95)


Dad: Robert Nickell

What is it?

DaddyScrubs is the perfect gift for dads, including their signature DaddyScrubs, I’m the Daddy™ tees, hoodies, hats and accessories. 

What gave you the idea?

The brand was built upon the premise that new dads deserve to feel special and comfortable during one of life’s most exciting – and most important – times. We’re talkin’ labor, delivery and beyond! As a father of seven children, I discovered there was a void in the marketplace for comfortable delivery room attire for Dad. So with input from my wife, I created the exclusive, one-of-a-kind DaddyScrubs with the eye-catching and large-lettered proclamation: “I’m the Daddy!”

Giveaway: DaddySwag Gift Set, valued at $89.95.

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Momvention #5: Liv & Lily Baby and Child Boutique


Mom: Melanie Pereira

What is it?

Liv & Lily is a luxe children's accessories line for the stylish set.

What gave you the idea?

In 2009, after the birth of my daughter, I was having a hard time finding fashion forward, yet classic accessories for her to wear with her cute little outfits, so I began creating them myself. Silk rosettes, chiffon flowers and sparkly crystals were a part of her growing collection of handmade headbands and hair clips.

How did you turn it into a business?

I started by opening an Etsy shop in 2011 and expanding the line to include boy's items soon after the birth of my son. Little bow ties, suspenders, hats and more! If I thought it was hard to find great items for little girls, imagine how difficult I found it to dress up my little guy! I love trucks and spaceships, but I feel like they are for his playroom, not his closet. 

How did you expand from there?

Two months after launching our Etsy store, we were invited to be a part of the Golden Globes and Oscar gifting suites. It's been a delight to see celeb tots like Seraphina and Violet Affleck, Suri Cruise, Rachel Zoe's son, Skyler wearing our line in magazines like, People, US Weekly, Life & Style! We are currently in over 120 retail stores across Canada, Europe and North America, named Best New Company by Earnshaw's as well as being chosen as the luxury line of accessories for the Plaza Hotel in New York City. We've grown quickly and proudly, and are looking forward to 2014!

Special Offer: Use promo code MSHORTS10 at Liv & Lily online to receive 10% off your purchase. 

Giveaway: $40 Liv & Lily gift card.

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Momvention #6: Poppy Drops Temporary Tattoo Earings ($6.95)

Poppy drops

Mom: Shelly Coffman

What is it?

Poppy Drops are veggie based temporary tattoo earrings.

What gave you the idea?

Poppy Drops was born organically out of a need for a practical alternative to ear piercing. As do most Moms, I wanted to keep my little girl “little” as long as possible but she wanted nothing more than to grow up. We tried other "pierce-free options" but they either didn't stay put (stickers) or seemed like choking hazards (magnets) and weren't cute enough to keep her satisfied long-term.

How did you turn it into a business?

I developed unique, water-transferred pierce-free earrings so that she could have all the fun of "grown-up earrings" without the complications and responsibility of permanent piercing. Poppy Drops are long-lasting, waterproof, simple to use and totally safe!

What would you like to invent next?

We recently launched our Tattoo Nail Art, which is a way for little one's to have fun with manicures, without the mess and stains of actual polish. All veggie based, like our earrings, and only requires water to apply!

Special Offer: Use promo code Mommyshorts10 to receive 10% all Poppy Drops products.

Giveaway: One set of Poppy Drops.

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Momvention #7: Rock-a-Thigh Baby Rock-a-Thighs ($14)


Mom: Jennifer Dutcher

What is it?

Rock-a-Thigh Baby: Rock-a-Thighs are children’s thigh-length socks, like legwarmers with feet.

What gave you the idea?

I went for a walk one chilly Wisconsin evening while wearing my daughter in a baby carrier. Noticing that her ankles were cold from her pant legs being hiked up in the carrier, I went home to dress her warmer. I didn’t want to hassle with getting her unbundled just to put on cumbersome tights, so I grabbed her yarn tights, snipped off the legs, and used rubber bands to keep them up. (Please do not use rubber bands on your child – they leave red welts. Duh. Seemed liked a good idea at the time.) Later that night I searched online for baby thigh highs. Much to my surprise, I couldn't find any. I also thought about how much time I’d waste searching for little socks that were missing in action because they were either being pulled off or fell off. I knew that a well-designed thigh-length sock would solve the “missing sock syndrome” too.

How did you turn it into a business?

By finding a wonderful, small family-run U.S. sock mill, getting start-up funds from the Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiate Corporation, and by not “throwing in the towel” whenever I got stuck. I wholeheartedly agree with the saying that “Successful entrepreneurs aren’t necessarily the most intelligent or most well connected, but they are very resourceful and very persistent.” 

Special Offer: Use promo code Mommyshorts10 to receive 10% off all Rock-a-Thigh Baby products.

Giveaway: Three pairs of Made in USA, eco-friendly, Rock-a-Thighs (retail value of $42). 

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Momvention #8: Swim Zip Protective Swimwear ($29.99)

Swim zip

Mom: Betsy Johnson

What is it?

SwimZip is functional and fashionable protective swimwear.

What gave you the idea?

I was diagnosed with skin cancer at 26 and quickly learned that it was linked to all my sun exposure as a child. I decided to find a way to make sun protection easy and afforable for parents and children. I came up with SwimZip– an adorable line of affordable kids swimwear (boys and girls) which blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays, are chlorine resistant and has a full-length zipper down the front which makes it really easy to zip-on and zip-off.

How did you turn it into a busines?

I moved as quickly as possible to make prototypes and find a manufacturer. I lived off beans and rice for months to save up money to get them made, but I knew this was something parents needed. I worked really hard to keep costs down and make SwimZip affordable for everyone. A two piece swimsuit is only $29.99!

What's next?

This year we are adding beach cover ups / zip up hooded jackets with UPF 50+ that can be worn at the beach or even at school. We also introduced towels this year: SwimZip Princess Towel and SwimZip Shark Attack Towel. We created a few 100% cotton UPF 50+ sun hats that are extremely soft so kids don't mind wearing them. 

Special Offer: Use promo code Mommyshorts10 to receive 10% off at Swim Zip.

Giveaway: One Swimzip swimsuit.

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Momvention #9: Smart Mom Jewelry Teething Bling ($34)

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 11.43.18 AM

Mom: Amy Maurer Creel

What is it?

Teething Bling is the original teething jewelry, made from the same material as most teething items so it looks great but is safe for baby to handle and chew.

What gave you the idea?

I was sitting in church one day with my then-infant daughter. She was pulling on my pearl necklace and while I wasn't sure it was a good idea, it was keeping her quiet and occupied so I let her continue. A few minutes later, the necklace broke and pearls went bouncing under all the pews! As I rushed out of the church with the baby, red-faced, I had a lightbulb moment. What if I created pretty jewelry that was also practical so new mothers could continue to wear pretty accessories? A few years later, Teething Bling hit the market. 

What would you like to invent next?

I'm working on a customized silicone necklace for kids!

Special Offer: Use promo code Mommyshorts10 to receive 10% off Teething Bling jewelry

Giveaway: Teething Bling gift set including a jade Teething Bling pendant and 2 coordinating bangles in jade and brown.

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Momvention #10: The Twooth Timer ($10.99)


Mom: Antoinette de Janasz (aka The Twooth Fairy)

What is it?

The Twooth Timer is a two minute tooth-shaped timer to help kids brush their teeth for the recommended amount of time to improve oral health.

What gave you the idea?

My kids got a bad dental checkup and the dentist told me they need to brush their teeth for TWO MINUTES instead of 10 seconds. On the drive home, I began thinking there should be a two minute kitchen timer that was shaped like a tooth. As soon as we got home I searched the internet and… nothing! I talked to my kids about my idea and they agreed it was something they would enjoy using. All my mom friends wanted one immediately for their kids too. Even our dentist loved the idea and wanted to sell them in his office. How could I not create this product?!

How did you turn it into a business?

First, I contacted a patent attorney. While all the paperwork was being filed, I worked with a dental lab to develop the prototype. I wanted it to look like a real molar! After contacting a few manufacturers in the U.S. and finding the costs ridiculous, I found a factory in China. While the factory was producing my new timer, I was burning up the phone lines trying to get orders and managed to presell 20% of my first inventory! 

What's your mission?

Oral health affects overall health and it is vital that children develop healthy habits at a young age. I want to make dental hygiene a fun life skill so that kids make it a lifelong habit. To fill that void I have developed characters like Twoothy T™ and the Twooth® Fairy and created products based on these characters to encourage healthy habits in an engaging way for kids.

Special Offer: Use promo code Moomyshorts10 to receive 10% off at The Twooth Timer Company

Giveaway: New Twooth® Time Brushin’ and Flossin’ Fun Kit MSRP ($19.99).

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I am giving away one of each product listed today to ten different winners. Just follow the simple rules below.

1) You must be a Mommy Shorts facebook fan to enter. Then answer the following question in the comment section below: What was the best parenting invention you discovered since having a baby? 

2) For a second entry, follow two or more of the ten facebook pages listed above and then come back to comment that you did so.

3) For a third entry, follow Mommy Shorts on Pinterest and repin the image below from this board. Then comment again to tell me you did so.


Ten winners will be announced on Friday, January 3rd along with the winners from the first Momventions post. You can still enter that giveaway here.

Good luck!


UPDATED with Giveaway Winners (selected randomly with their pick for best parenting invention)

The Baby Hobo: Becky

"My favorite baby inventions are a white noise machine and room darkening curtains. I find that these two items really help set the mood in my child's room for good naps and sleep!"

BARE Air-free Baby Bottle: Amy

"Best invention was Baby Legs. Now I am totally interested in the thigh high socks/tights."

Bobee Diaper & Wipe Dispenser : Lorena

"Similac's alimentum. That was the answer to our baby's reflux and our sanity!"

Daddy Scrubs Swag Gift Set: Kerri

"My favorite invention is the newborn swaddle sleep sacks."

Liv & Lily Gift Card: Stephanie

"The best invention is all of the 'ride along' attachments on strollers for toddlers. My two year-old doesn't want to sit, but he can still take a break and has fun doing it!"

Poppy Drops : Katrina

"My fave parenting invention is the glider. Rockers move across the floor too much and I still love to use this chair with my almost 3 year old!"

Rock-a-Thigh Baby: Amber

"Best baby invention is the swing!"

SwimZip: Bethany

"My favorite find so far has been the Undercover Mama nursing tank top. I wear one every day under a regular shirt and can nurse my daughter without showing any extra skin or buying expensive nursing shirts."

Teething Bling: Megan

"My favorite invention is the video monitor."

Twooth Timer Kit: Katie

"Best parenting invention: the babysitter!"

Congratulations all! Please contact me at with the subject line "I'M A WINNER" to claim your prize.


This post was sponsored by the ten products included.