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When Mazzy was born, I imagined I would come up with an amazing parenting invention that would be easy to market, quick to manufacture and change the lives of every parent in the world, making me filthy stinking rich in the process.

Sadly, that never happened. 

I did have an idea for a Burp Cloth Mitt, since I was constantly folding burp cloths over my hand to clean up spit-up… but gave it up as soon as I realized Burp Cloth Mitts were the lamest invention imaginable. I had another idea for a screw-on sippy cap adapter for a standard bottle of water, which I thought would be HUGE, until a google search revealed it was already being made by about five other companies.

But there are tons of moms who come up with original ideas and make their parenting inventions a reality. A group of twenty Mompreneurs got together to see if I would write a sponsored post about their respective Momventions. I loved learning the stories behind each mom's product (all currently available for sale) and decided to split them into two posts.

Here are the first ten Momventions with the stories behind each idea and how each mom turned their idea into a business. Plus special offers for Mommy Shorts readers throughout and a big giveaway at the end of the post.

Momvention #1: Baby Bindle SeatPak ($29.99)

639fb9d84afa390c8c825c5c50141c60Mom: Sandra Frawley

What is it? 

The SeatPak is a hands-free portable bag that can easily attach to your car seat, shopping cart, luggage, or stroller.

What gave you the idea?

After my daughter was born in July of 2009, doing errands became a circus juggling act, trying to hold the car seat, diaper bag, my daughter's coat and my son’s hand all at once. I tried to find a bag that attached to the carseat so I would have one less thing to carry, but couldn't find anything. My next step was dusting off the sewing machine and making one myself.

How did you turn it into a business? 

The SeatPak idea sat on the shelf for 6 months because I was afraid I'd go into debt chasing something that might not work. Then, in July of 2010, I got a $15K grant from the Huggies MomInspired program which was a HUGE validation for me. I haven’t looked back since.

Special Offer: Order the SeatPak on Amazon now for 30% off.

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Momvention #2: The Milk It Kit ($14.95)


Mom: Courtney Uyeshiro

What is it?

The Milk It Kit is a "Back to Work Survival Kit for Breastfeeding Moms" including a door hanger privacy sign, a pump bag tag (luggage tag), two "back in twenty" desk signs, 32 milk labels (removable, writable and freezer-safe) and 3 Milk It™ stickers.

What gave you the idea? 

I wanted to create a kit that would give new moms tools to feel good when they went back to work, provide a sense of privacy, and add a little fun to the repetitive (and often tedious) task of pumping milk. The Milk It Kit helps prevent co-workers from walking in on pumping sessions and making comments about unmarked breastmilk in the community fridge (i.e. “what is THAT?”). It also helps traveling moms transport their milk in a clearly labeled cooler bag so airport security doesn't ask annoying questions in front of other travelers.

How did you turn it into a business?

I met an amazing graphic designer in Boulder, CO (who also happened to be a working mom!) and she and I worked together to create a variety of products with a vintage vibe that we ourselves would love to use. They are both mom-friendly and environment-friendly.

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Momvention #3: PooPoose Wiggle Free Diaper Changing Pad ($59.99)

Poopoose Product ImageMom: Dana Fort

What is it?

The PooPoose is high quality diaper changing pad with a wiggle free strap that makes diaper changing faster, easier, and safer. 

What gave you the idea?

My husband, an ER physician, had seen too many infants in the hospital, most due to accidental falls during routine tasks, like changing a wiggly baby with a messy diaper. We both knew there had to be a better and safer way. I searched the internet and found many moms in the same boat, with no real solution. I work as a dentist and it suddenly occurred to me— why isn’t there a similar board like the one used in pediatricdentistry and medicine to keep kids still? The medical community calls it "a papoose board". That's when we came up with the idea for the PooPoose™!

What would you like to invent next? 

A better strap that helps keep kids in restaurant high chairs. My daughter is a true Houdini.

Special Offer: Use code mommyshorts10 to get 10% off PooPoose.

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Momvention #4: Baby Jack Blankets ($28)


Mom: Kelley Legler

What is it?

Baby Jack Blankets are ribbon tab sensory blankets that come in a variety of colors, patterns and textures ideal for helping babies develop cognitively, socially and emotionally.

What gave you the idea?

My son Jack loves tags. When I was let go from my marketing job after returning from maternity leave, I needed a creative outlet and took up sewing. Many tag blankets on the market have ribbon loops along the edges but I decided to create a product with an added security feature, sewing the ribbons shut into “tabs” so baby fingers do not get twisted during play. 

How did you turn it into a business? 

I was a new mom, at home full time having just been let go from my job and I saw a product that little ones loved. I marketed Baby Jack Blankets first on Facebook and then created an ecommerce website myself allowing for others to customize their blankets. Now, we employ local moms to hand make our products for added income and a creative outlet.

Special Offer: 10% off Baby Jack Blankets + Free Shipping with code mommyshorts10

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Momvention #5: Push Pack – Prepacked Hospital Bag ($44.95)

Pushpack_product Image

Mom: Laura Magu

What is it?

The Push Pack – Prepacked Hospital Bag contains all your maternity ward essentials from toothpaste to nipple cream to Luna Bars.

What gave you the idea? 

While pregnant for the first time, the "simple" task of packing my hospital bag felt overwhelming to me. One day I asked a local maternity store if I could just buy a bag that would have all of the essentials. She said no, but that women asked for that exact thing all the time.

How did you turn it into a business?

After my daughter was born, I started making up prepacked hospital bags for baby shower gifts. Everyone loved them and people began asking if they could buy them for gifts for their friends. It evolved from there.

Special Offer: Use coupon code Mommyshorts10 for 10% off Push Pack – Prepacked Hospital Bag.

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Momvention #6: Tivoli Stroller Liner ($78.99)

Tivoli Couture Product Image

Mom: Stella Rubinshteyn

What is it?

Tivoli Couture makes luxury memory foam stroller liners in a variety of stylish patterns that mold to your baby's body shape for extra comfort. They help absorb stroller shock, safeguard from metal protrusions often found in umbrella-style strollers and are recommended to help avoid musculoskeletal stress and correct anatomical development. They also protect strollers from spills, crumbs and other unmentionables.

What gave you the idea?  

I am originally from Europe, where it’s common practice to place children inside a stroller lined with a cotton blanket or a buggy liner so it's soft, comfortable and clean. Typical American stroller upholstery is not removable or machine washable, and may feel abrasive on your baby’s skin. The only liner I could find in the American market was a traditional white liner with ruffles, something that just did not cut it for my sons.  

How did you turn it into a business? 

After realizing there was a gap in the market for stylish stroller liners in fun modern designs and prints that can coordinate with any popular stroller brand, I set out to create my own line. 

Special Offer: 15% off Tivoli Couture if you use code MSHOLIDAY15.

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Momvention #7: Benbini Mommy Watch ($99)


Moms: Jacqueline Crisci & Jenny Fosgate

What is it?

Benbini is a soft, stylish and super functional watch with a patented double-bezel design for easy timing of naps, feedings and time-outs. It's even got a left/right switch so you can easily record which boob you nursed with last.

What gave you the idea?

Jacqueline saw a need for a subtle way to track her son's many schedules from feedings to naps to medicine. Jenny wanted a watch that did not scratch her baby and fit comfortably. They both wanted a cute accessory to get excited about while recovering from their post pregnancy body. Benbini was born!

How did you turn it into a business?

We had to handle all aspects of the business from product design to manufacturing to marketing including all of the administration duties. We came up with the idea 6.5 years ago and Benbini just hit the market a little over a year ago. Entrepreneurship is not for quitters. We never gave up!

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Momvention #8: Parking Pal (2 for $18)


Mom: Denise Whitney

What is it?

Parking Pal is a circular magnet that sticks to the side of your car.

What gave you the idea?

After having my third child, I found myself very stressed out in parking lots trying to manage two other kids while getting the baby in and out of the van. The idea of a magnet with a hand outline came to me. I wanted to give my kids a visual of exactly where to stand while waiting for me outside of the car.

How did you turn it into a business?

The first thing I did was get my mom on board as a partner. We work well together and I knew I would need the help. Then we found a designer and manufacturer. We've been at it almost seven years.

What's next?

We just introduced two new products— Penalty Pal for time outs and Emergency Phone List, a removable wall decal to put important numbers.

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Momvention #9: Wrapeaze


Mom: Betsy Dolan

What is it?

Wrapeaze is a warm blanket your baby can wear both in and out of the carseat instead of a jacket.

What gave you the idea? 

Since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends children not be placed in car seats with jackets and/ or heavy bunting, I always found myself struggling to get my baby's jacket on in the cold, after he was removed from his seat. One day, I gave up and just threw a blanket over the baby's head and wrapped him up! This was my AHA moment! Why wasn't there a blanket kids could wear? 

How did you turn it into a business?

Wrapeaze started because friends and family were asking where they could purchase my wearable blankets for themselves. I began employing local tailors and then finally moved to a local factory in Fall River MA. We have now developed sizes for toddlers, tweens and adults. Everyone loves the ease of use for travel, the car or just running errands.

Special Offer: Get 10% off Wrapeaze by emailing with MommyShorts as the subject.

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Momvention #10: Lovey's Tushi Wash, Stick and ChafeStop ($48)

Loveys Product Image

Mom: Marcie Weinstein Smith

What is it?

Lovey's are all-natural baby products including a spray to be used instead of commercial wipes and an all-natural diaper cream stick that prevents parents from getting messy hands.

What gave you the idea?

My son got rashes from every commercial and so-called natural product on the market when he wore diapers. I created a TRULY natural spray to clean my poor boy's rashy bottom (with a reusable or biodegradable wipe) and it worked! 

How did you turn it into a business?

I began talking to retailers and then launched at a tradeshow. Then I came up with other all-natural unique products such as Lovey's Tushi Stick, an all-natural convenient diaper ointment in a stick to prevent parents from getting messy hands. Lab tested, we inundated it with 5 strains of bacteria. It has enough "natural preservative" to kill the nasty bacteria on the stick and on the baby's skin. Bingo! A very popular product was born. ChafeStop was developed next after I learned runners were using the Tushi Stick to prevent chafing during marathons. Now, in addition to new moms, we market to athletes, seniors, disabled, plus-sized individuals, prosthetic wearers, and pregnant women.

What's next?

Cheek balm. Those delicate cheeks can get dry and chapped from the dry, cold winter weather.

Special Offer: 10% off Lovey's by using code MOMMY10.

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I am giving away one of each product listed today to ten different winners. Just follow the simple rules below.

1) You must be a Mommy Shorts facebook fan to enter. Then answer the following question in the comment section below: What would be your momvention? (Could be something lame like my burp cloth mitt or something totally awesome like a diaper changing robot.)

2) For a second entry, follow two or more of the ten facebook pages listed above and then come back to comment that you did so.

3) For a third entry, follow Mommy Shorts on Pinterest and repin the image below from this board. Then comment again to tell me you did so.


Ten winners will be announced on Friday, January 3rd.

Good luck!


UPDATED with Giveaway Winners (selected at random with their momvention idea)

Baby Bindle Seat Pak: Sara

"My momvention would be a 1st bib.  Instead of having a different bib for baby's first valentine's day, baby's first thanksgiving, etc.  It would be one bib that has Baby's 1st and then Velcro pieces that you could change out what the holiday is.  One bib for the whole year for each holiday instead of a dozen or so."

The Milk It Kit: Janine

"I always wanted to make a long-sleeve bib (with an optional hood) for particularly messy meals like spaghetti and sauce!"

PooPoose: Carly

"A bib for breastfed babies spit up. One that is super absorbent so I don't have tip change his clothes every time he spits up or pukes. With a nice absorbent collar."

Baby Jack Blanket: Betsy

"An extra arm so you could hold the baby (or whiny one year old) while cooking."

Push Pack – Prepacked Hospital Bag: Sara

"I would invent some safe way to hypnotize my daughter so she would actually sleep on a road trip and not stay awake for every single second!" 

Tivoli Couture Stroller Liner: Shana

"My momvention would be a changing table that also would have a barista function, fully functioning, coffee at any time, safely of course."

Benbini Watch: Ashley

"My momvention would be something to block my daughters hands from going straight to her privates (she's curious now) when I do a diaper change. Too many times I open the diaper to a poopy diaper and her hands get into the mess. Bleh!!"

Parking Pal: Kara

"I would invent a nursing cover with a small pillow attached. I'm a boppy user and while they have a travel one, I just need a small pillow, something that fits in a diaper bag." 

Wrapeaze: Nici

"I would invent a thing that keeps things plugged into the wall. It is scary and annpying when a toddler figures out how to unplug cords!"

Lovey’s Products: Alexis

"My momvention would be a crib where you can automatically adjust the height of the legs to make getting the baby in and out of the crib easier. You could also change the height of just one end of the crib to tilt the mattress for babies with acid reflux. We had to stack boards under one end of my son's crib to elevate his head and I wasn't entirely sure that the crib was stable."

Congratulations all! Please contact me at with the subject line "I'M A WINNER" to claim your prize.


This post and giveaway was sponsored by all the products involved.