Be My Valentine 13--1

I don't know what Valentine's Day is like in school nowadays, but when I was little it was a cutthroat day of unnecessary heartache. 

First of all, there was the incredible stress of choosing who to write a Valentine's Day Card. Do you pick one special person or do you listen to your mom and write one to all the boys in the class? If you pick all the boys in the class, will you be known as the Harbor Hill Elementary School Whore? And what if you write out ten Valentines and only get one or two in return?

I hated putting the Valentines into the shoebox at the front of the class. I hated waiting for the teacher to call my name as she called off the recipient of each one. And I hated those moments when all the girls around me seemed to be arranging piles of handwritten hearts while I had still yet to receive ONE, most of all.

Even if and when my name was called, I hated making the very public walk to the front of the room to pick it up and then trying so hard to look blasé about the whole thing on the way back to my seat. God forbid I should make eye contact with anyone while I opened the card, revealing any hint towards who I hoped it was from.

What can I say? I was a self-conscious kid.

Also. What if I misinterpreted the gesture, thought a boy liked me and then realized he had given a Valentine to every girl in the class???

It was all too horrible to bear.

As a kid, I never spoke of these Valentine's Day fears to anyone.

But I did understand they were somewhat universal.


My lovably cynical friends from the Peanuts Gang.

In "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown", I don't think there was one requited love amongst the bunch.


The only Valentine Charlie Brown got (despite bringing a briefcase to school) was one saying "Forget It Kid". Linus never got to give his teacher a box of chocolates because he watched her leave class with her boyfriend, Sally mistakenly thought Linus's box of chocolates were for her, Lucy didn't a Valentine from Schroeder and Schroeder didn't get one from Violet.

In the end, Violet gives Charlie Brown a "pity" Valentine and Charlie Brown hopes that "pity" Valentines will become a trend next year, meaning he will stand a chance at getting some.

Nobody understood the cruelty of Valentine's Day quite like Charles M. Shulz. 

CharlieValentineIn honor of Charlie Brown and his elementary school heartbreak, I will be giving out ONLY TWO Peanuts-themed Valentines today. The rest of you will have to leave empty-handed, dragging your briefcases between your legs.

The prize includes a remastered deluxe edition of "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown" DVD, a limited edition Peanuts-themed tee from Uniqlo, a dancin’ cupid Snoopy from Hallmark, a Running Press’ Be My Valentine pop-up book with companion sticker book and a box of Peanuts Whitman’s chocolates. © 2011 Peanuts Worldwide LLC 

Screen shot 2012-02-07 at 12.07.57 AM

Just don't throw those chocolates in a river of sorrow, okay?



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