Remember when Tony Hale came on The Mommy Show and I developed this massive crush on him which is glaringly obvious to anyone watching the episode?

At the time, Tony was talking about his new children’s book called Archibald’s Next Big Thing, which was still in the works. It has now been released, Mazzy and Harlow both love it and I’ve got 5 copies (plus 5 copies of a limited edition poster) to give away in the comments below.


Archibald is a chicken, a tall bald chicken, who bears a not-so-small resemblance to Mr. Hale. (In other words, the chicken is strangely attractive.) (No, I’m kidding.) (I think.) Archibald goes on countless wacky wonderful adventures but is always in search of the next big thing. The lesson he learns by the end of the book is to stop and appreciate the here and now.

It’s a good message for kids and adults and the style of the book is fun to read with really stellar illustrations, graphics and typography.

IMG_7225 copy

It’s the kind of book that is great for Mazzy right now because it’s long and in depth, while still being a big picture book.

And pretty silly.

We like silly around here.

But the best part of Tony Hale releasing his new book is I get to relive one of my most favorite Mommy Show episodes. Watch Tony chat with Mazzy in the “green room”, craft a pirate hook hand out of a solo cup (as an ode to Buster from Arrested Development), organize my diaper bag (as an ode to Gary Walsh from Veep) and make me giggle like I just bumped into Jake Ryan at the school dance.

If you’d like to enter to win a copy of Archibald’s Next Big Thing, you must be a subscriber to the Mommy Shorts daily or weekly newsletter. Yep, that’s right. I’m giving something back to the diehard fans. If you are not already a subscriber, you can become one here.

I’m giving away five copies (four here and one on instagram), plus, I’ll throw in a limited edition poster (18″ X 24″) to each of the five winners.


Then leave a comment below answering the following:

If you wrote a children’s book with an animal as the main character, what kind of animal would it be and what would be its name?

Winner will be announced on Friday.

Good luck!

UPDATE: The winners are 1) Andrea K who would write a book about a bear named Briony 2) AmberLynn Pappas who would write a book about a dog named Oregano 3) Lindsay who would write a book about a monkey named moose and 4) Liz Voss who would write a book about a horse named Black Beauty. Ummm…. I think that one has already been done. The winner on instagram is @arw1819. Thanks for playing!