It’s that time of the year again! The time when we gather our family all together, dress them in coordinating outfits and pray for dear life that everyone can get it together long enough to smile for the camera at the same damn time.

Unfortunately, when you’ve got little munchkins in your family, perfectly posed pics are pretty hard to come by. You might take fifty photos before you deem one semi-acceptable. You’d take more if everyone wasn’t now starving and in tears.

So what happens to all those other photos? The outtake where Grandpa looks like little Johnny just pulled his nose hair, the photo where dad’s expression says “Can I get back to the game now?” or the photo where the baby just had a diaper blowout and everyone can obviously smell it?

Today I’m launching my annual search for the worst family holiday photo!


The one that truly represents your current family dynamic. The one that tells the whole story, not just the abridged version you print on your holiday card for everyone else to see.

These are the family photos that are SO BAD, they might actually be AWESOME. Kind of like Showgirls. Except with more toddlers and less naked Elizabeth Berkeley.

I’ll be picking my favorite photos and making them into holiday cards.

They’ll look a little something like this:


Or this:


Or maybe this:


Then everyone will get to vote whose Family Photo Fail is actually the best holiday card ever.

That person will win a $250 Munchkin gift card plus a prize package filled with Munchkin products that could potentially save the holidays.

Like the sippy cup that could have prevented the spill on Mommy’s holiday attire, the baby gate that could stop your newly mobile toddler from smashing Grandma’s vintage ornaments or the pacifier that could have comforted little Timmy when he was screaming bloody murder in Santa’s lap.

Munchkin product numbered collage

1) White Hot Plates – turns white when food is too hot 2) Miracle Cup – spill-proof spoutless cup that promotes oral development 3) MIST Wipe Warmer – provides a mist mechanism so wipes don’t dry out 4) BRICA Travel Tray – interactive tray with play table, toy holder and snack dispenser 5) LATCH bottles – designed to ease transition from breast to bottle and back again 6) CLEAN cradle tub 7) Aluminum Safety Gate 8) LATCH pacifiers – features the same nipple as the LATCH bottle for ultimate soothing 9) Snack Catcher

Speaking of crying on Santa’s lap— this was Harlow last year:


Please post your photos on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Page or post them on Instagram with the hashtag #familyfotofails. If you enter on Instagram, you must tag and follow both @mommyshorts and @munchkininc to win,

Can’t wait to see your horrible holiday pics!


This post is sponsored by Munchkin, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.