It's the glare-off everyone has been waiting for— our two final evil baby competitors. Sydney VS. Benjamin. Honestly, I'm not sure which baby has the more fervent group of fans. I haven't seen a feud this heated since Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag in 2007. 

Before I continue, I want to give a quick shout-out to Caroline. She was kicked out of the competition yesterday, but I wanted to share a photo her mother submitted of Caroline all dressed up for Halloween.

Caroline went as a Red Sox player. And by Red Sox player, I mean a Red Sox player who kills Cardinals with a hammer on the weekends.


Obviously, Caroline's evil streak will continue for years to come. I'm hoping she never finds out I'm a Yankees fan.

Now let's get down to business. All week we have been narrowing down the evil babies to arrive at the two terrifying faces below. Not sure if you are Team Sdyney or Team Benjamin? Hopefully, a few reader submitted questions will give you your answer… 


Which baby's head rotates when you try to feed them?

Which baby ate the dingo?

Which baby was born on 6/6 at 6?

Which baby watches HBO's Dexter as a "How To" guide?

Which baby is Rosemary's?

Which baby is planning to get rid of their least favorite parent?

Which baby spits in the holy water?

Which baby burned all her board books in the yard?

Which baby IS the monster under the bed?

Which baby stole Santa's sleigh, then burned the toys?

Which baby mounts the heads of stuffed animals on their wall?

Which baby sleeps three feet above the crib while chanting in Aramaic?

Which baby's face does Michael Myers wear as a Halloween mask?

Which baby spells "chewtoy", A-R-E-O-L-A? 

Which baby wants Fisher-Price's My First Shiv for Hanukkah?

Which baby's first step is going to be towards anarchy?

Which baby turned her playroom into a meth lab?

And finally my favorite question from Michelle…

Polls close Sunday at 8pm EST. Winner will be announced on Monday along with all the winners of the daily giveaways.

May the evilest baby win!


Today's giveaway is a gift set from Fairy Birds, a book series designed to encourage children to do good deeds in and around their homes. Because something had to counteract all the evil around here. 


Fairy Birds are Fairy Godmothers in training who leave "Givie Hearts" every time they commit an act of giving. The gift set includes the Fairy Birds book, heart confetti, Fairy Bird wings, one feather tassel and two oversized round balloons. They recommend leaving the set outside your front door, ringing the doorbell and then waiting for your child to discover the special package on her own.

Although, if you go that route, I'd make sure Sydney and Benjamin weren't lurking in the bushes waiting to steal it. I wouldn't put it past them!


1) You must be a Mommy Shorts Facebook Fan to enter. Then, tell me whether you are TEAM BENJAMIN or TEAM SYDNEY in the comment section below. The winner will be chosen from those who guess the winner correctly.

All giveaway winners will be announced on Monday November 4th, along with the winner of the glare-off.