In episode three of the Mommy Show (which was actually episode four but I uploaded it wrong), Romilly Newman stopped by for a visit. Who is Romilly Newman, you ask?

Romilly Newman will be cooking your food in a fancy restaurant one day and charging you exorbitant amounts for the privilege, because she became a gourmet chef at the age of 15.

The best part?

She says her parents aren’t even good cooks but somehow she developed an interest and learned herself. Meaning— THERE IS HOPE FOR MY CHILDREN!!!!

Maybe one day they will be cooking me dinner too.

Anyway. Romilly came over to talk about picky eating and teach me how to make baby food. She ended up babysitting, doing my dishes, and accidentally putting Mazzy to sleep during our interview on the couch.

Don’t miss Baby Harlow rocking like a crazy baby in the crib in the green room scene!

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