I tried and tried and tried to get it down to just ten finalists in the Method Power Pose-Off. But then… Method weighed in with their favorites and I took into account your favorites… and well, I got it down to twelve.

Nobody cares if I include two more kids, right?

Before I post the top twelve, I want to thank everyone for sending in their photos. There were over 600 entries and so many great ones. 120 made it into the Top Contenders Facebook Album and that album remains my favorite thing about this contest.

Seriously. Go check it out.

The top twelve includes the photo with the most "likes" in the facebook album (Katniss Everboy) and the three photos that won the individual pose-offs this week (The Ambiguous Duo, Batboy and Apathy Girl). The remaining photos were selected based on a bunch of variables (best poses, best superhero names, best superpowers), but mainly, they were the submissions that had the best of all worlds combined.

So, without further ado, here are… YOUR TOP TWELVE SUPERHEROES!!!!













Would Apathy Girl be able to remain detached during a confrontation with the Ambiguous Duo? Would the Baby Whisperer be able to lull the Baby Photobomber to sleep? Would the Wall Walker be able to escape LEGOs strategically tossed in the carpet by the House Destroyer?

Please feel free to debate their superpowers in the comment section and vote for your favorite below.

The winner will be announced on Monday, October 30th and will receive a $250 gift card to Soap.com and all three fragrance options for Method Power Foam Dish Soap— lemon mint, french lavender and pink grapefruit. The top ten will each get a bottle a Power Foam as well.


In addition to being the inspiration for this contest, Method Power Foam Dish Soap is the first foaming dish soap in a spray bottle. It's tough on grease, stuck-on food and makes it super easy (and kinda fun?) to do batches of dishes throughout the day with its powerfully convenient trigger spray. Plus, like all Method products, Power Foam is that great combination of effective and earth-friendly.

A big thank you to Method for sponsoring the Power Pose-Off! 

To celebrate our partnership, Method is offering Mommy Shorts fans a special one-time offer of 20% off Method Power Foam Dish Soap on Soap.com. From September 16th – October 4th, readers who enter their email below will receive a code from Method to apply to their purchase.


Image from top graphic was taken by @newvineland on instagram.

This contest is a sponsored collaboration between Mommy Shorts and Method. I love their products and their philosophy and I am excited to continue my partnership with them!