The TRX looks and sounds intimidating, but Jennifer Nyp from Zen Girl Fitness says it can cut your workout time in half because it uses your entire body at once. That’s enough motivation for me! This post is part of my at-home exercise series but you can find a TRX at most gyms as well.  

I’ve been a personal trainer for almost 18 years. I’ve seen fitness trends and equipment come and go and I’ve tried most of them. The TRX is one of the best and continues to challenge us all on a daily basis. It was originally created by a Navy Seal who found himself in a place with no way of working out, but he needed to stay in shape. So, he took some straps he had and designed the first TRX, which stands for Total Body Resistance. It helps you use your own body weight (and gravity) to build total body and core strength, balance and flexibility safely.

The best thing about the TRX is that it enables you to cut your workout time in half because you are using your entire body at once. All of the exercises below can be done fluidly; just flow from one to the next.

One important note is that “single handle mode” is a little tricky to master. It’s easiest to think of threading the yellow triangles through each other. Make sure your hand or foot is in the bottom handle or it will come apart mid exercise. Test it before you get into the move.

Start with the basics and then move up, making sure you work at your level. The TRX is super easy to progress. Move your feet back or forward depending on the exercise. Go from double to singe leg in another. Add a jump, more reps, more time or just go faster. Have fun and be creative.

Just make sure that by the time you finish, you feel like you can’t do anymore!

12 Ways to Use a TRX in Your Workout:

Move #1: Butt Lifts and Frogs

Make sure to push into your heels, squeeze your butt and pull your stomach in and up.

Move #2: Side Lift and Twist

Plug your shoulders into your back, gaze forward, scoop your abs in and lift your hips. On the twist, try to keep your feet as still as possible. You can hold a weight or kettlebell in your top hand for more of a challenge.

Move #3: Side to Side Knee Touch in Plank

Try to bring your knees as close to your arms as you can!

Move #4: Knee Stretches and Mountain Climbers

Make sure you tuck your pelvis under and exhale pulling your navel towards your spine every time the knees come in.

Move #5: Superman/woman kneeling and standing

As always, anchor your core before you move. Move with your breath and tuck your tail. Always plug your shoulders down into your back. Do 10-20 reps or 30-60 seconds.

Move #6: Teaser Bicep Curl Crunch

Add a lower lift or a twist for more of a challenge!

Move #7: Downward Dog Split Stretch into Handstand Lower Legt Lift into Handstand Leg Twist.

I know, it’s a mouthful. This is a single handle exercise. Make sure you put your foot in the bottom strap and that it is secure. Walk your hand back until you top leg is at a 45 degree angle. Do 10-20 reps of leg lifts and twists on each side.

Move #8: Squat with a Twist and Reach

Single handle mode! Make sure you are sitting back and your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Reach back but don’t bend into your lower back. Touch the floor on a diagonal. Do 10-20 reps or 30-60 seconds per side.

Move #9: Burpee into Knee Twist

This is great cardio, core and muscular work all in one. Do 10-20 reps or time it for 30-60 seconds on each side.

Move #10: Knee Drive

The straps go under your arm pits, your hands go on the outside and your thumbs go on the handles. Be one with the straps and stay fluid with your motion. Time this for 1 minute on each side.

Move #11: Front and Back Lunge

Make it more challenging with these variations.

Move #12: Front Lunge and Hops

I love the TRX for so many reasons; it’s portable, challenging and effective to name three. You can try these moves and make up some of your own too!

Stay tuned for next week when Jen will teach us how to incorporate another piece from her list of recommended home gym equipment which you can find here.

You can follow Jennifer Nyp on Instagram at @zengirlfitness for more daily exercise ideas or if you live in Manhattan and want to work out with her private SOHO studio, you find her contact info here.