Over the weekend, all other superheroes faded into the night as House Destroyer and Apathy Girl battled it out for the title. It went something like this…

House Destroyer: I WILL DESTORY YOUR HOUSE!!!!

Apathy Girl: Whatevs.

House Destroyer: Did you hear me? I said— I WILL DESTROY YOUR HOUSE!!!!!

Apathy Girl: Ho hum. Let me see if I can find Daniel Tiger on Netflix…


Apathy Girl: I think it's time for a snack.

House Destroyer looks up Apathy Girl's address, asks her mom to drive her over there, uses a bat to break down the front door, pulls every breakable knick-knack off the living room shelves and lets them shatter to the ground… and then screams, "WHICH WAY TO YOUR ROOM????!!!!!"

Apathy Girl: Oh shit.

And that's how House Destroyer finally defeated Apathy Girl in the Method Power Pose-Off


Congratulations, House Destroyer! You take home a $250 gift card to Soap.com and all three fragrance options of Method Power Foam Dish Soap— lemon mint, french lavendar and pink grapefruit. Which I'm sure your parents will appeciate since it looks like their house needs a cleaning. 

The top ten finalists (so they don't feel like TOTAL LOSERS) will each receive a Method Power Foam Dish Soap Kit. Those go to Megatoddler, Captain Bedtime, Wall Walker, Katniss Everboy, The Ambiguous Duo, Apathy Girl, The Baby Whisperer, Baby Photobomber and Little Croft.

Before I go, I want to show you one newly annointed superhero. Below is Harlow, after Mazzy decided to hang her Boo off the back of her shirt like a cape.


Watch out House Destroyer. She's coming for you.


A big thank you to Method for sponsoring the Power Pose-Off! 

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