My family is not on official lockdown or in quarantine. We are taking social distancing seriously (not leaving our home except for groceries) and think everyone who can should do the same. The sooner we all realize that we have to stay away from each other, the sooner this will end.

Someone said that if you are waiting for quarantining to be mandatory, then you have waited too late. Right now we are trying to stop it from getting really bad. Mandatory will be when it IS really bad.

Also, please understand that even if you don’t feel sick, you could still be part of the problem. I saw a chart that said people who are 20-29 are most likely to have it, but since they are asymptomatic, many of them are out and about spreading it to others.

“Asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic transmission are a major factor in transmission are a major factor in transmission for Covid-19,” said Dr. William Schaffner, a professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and longtime adviser to the CDC. “They’re going to be the drivers of spread in the community.”

It is not about people who feel sick self-quarantining. IT SHOULD BE EVERYONE!

Most of my followers seem to understand this and most of my real life friends are doing the same thing my family is doing. But the pictures of people in packed bars and restaurants in NYC last night was really upsetting. This is not an end of the world party. This is a time for containment so that life can go on as normal as soon as possible.

It’s trying to flatten the curve so that the medical professionals have more time and space to do their jobs. Think of how much they are putting at risk to save everyone else. Many of them have already chosen to self-quarantine from their own families. The bigger the outbreak, the more at risk they are and the less beds they have for everyone. They will have to make tough choices about your lives and their own. Give them a fighting chance!

By medical professionals, I am also including the janitorial staff at the hospitals who are the ones wiping down everything every day to keep our hospitals clean. These people are our heroes.

If the people who have a choice stay home, it puts less risk on the people who do not.

Please do your part for the larger community!