Mommy Shorts turned three this week! This means that when my blog demands a sippy cup, I'll be like "No! You're a big blog now! You have to drink from a big blog glass!" and then my blog will collapse in a fit of tears and I'll be wishing it was two again.

Seriously. Has it only been three years? It feels more like twenty. If you want to know the secret to stretching out your kids' cute years as long as possible, try blogging about them nightly. 

Up top is Mazzy and me when she was first born compared to Mazzy and me now. I can't believe the little thing I was holding in my hands grew up to be that big girl on the right. Don't I look much wiser in the more recent photo? On the left, I'm all— what the hell do I do with this baby??? And on the right, I'm all— Don't mess with my naptime routine.

When did Mazzy transition from baby into actual person? Must have been while I was busy birthing Harlow. (Remember when Mazzy and Harlow first met?)


A friend recently sent me this chart from Buzzgraph. You plug in the blog name and the chart tells you what topics are discussed the most. The results are NOT SURPRISING.

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 3.32.11 PM

Mazzy is the center of the Mommy Shorts Universe (aka my universe). This is now proven fact. I'm going to chalk Harlow's insignificance up to the fact that the blog preceded her by two years and not because we leave her in outerspace to fend for herself. 

Although, with Harlow's glare, she'd have those asteroids and comets fetching her bottles and spoonfeeding her mashed peas in no time.


Thank you to everyone who weighed in last week and made me both update the Best of Mommy Shorts and create the Start from the Beginning button. I've seen a lot of people going through old posts. Which is nice because up until this week, I think only my mother had read them.

How am I going to celebrate my blogiversary? By giving a little shout-out to a baby named Atlas.


I was first introduced to Atlas because his mother entered him in the Epic Baby Hair Contest with the photo grid above. He didn't make the finals, but I thought he looked so similar to Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family, he inspired a whole new round of Baby Celebrity Lookalikes.


AND THEN. His mother submitted the photo below combining Baby Mugging with Cry Baby Captions.

This my friends, is my #1 FAN.


If you would like celebrate my 3rd blogiversary, I have the perfect way to do it. Witha big old cup of coffee in a Mommy Shorts mug. You can even spike it. I won't tell anyone.

Mommy-shorts-mugIf you choose to mug your baby in your brand new Mommy Shorts mug, you are obviously required to send me a photo.

Damn. I should have gotten all the evil babies and the babies with epic baby hair to do a baby mugging shot for my blogiversary. Oh well. There's always next year.

See you Monday!

— Mommy Shorts

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