GIVEAWAY: $100 Gift Card to Fawn Shoppe

After Mazzy and Harlow's modeling debacle two weeks ago, you would think my daughters' days in the cutthroat world of children's fashion would be over. Nope! Someone decided to give them another shot.

Fawn Shoppe, an online children's boutique that sells designs from all around the world, deemed Mazzy and Harlow their new muses and had me pick out some pieces for them to wear.

And by "wear", I mean "put the clothes on their bodies", a concept which has become increasingly difficult for Mazzy to understand.

I selected two outfits for each of them. Tops and bloomers for Harlow and two dresses for Mazzy. 

When they arrived, I put Harlow in a deliciously delicate Amelia blouse with matching pink bloomers. She may have thrashed around on the changing table so the act of "putting on clothing" took several more minutes than necessary, but in the end, I know she was glad to be fully dressed.



Mazzy immediately fell in love with a purple halter dress from Stun. We went to the MoMA for the day and she danced and pranced around like she owned the place.





I breathed a sigh of relief that this modeling gig would go much better than the last.

NOTE: Never breathe a sigh of relief when you are only halfway finished with the task at hand. Especially when it involves a three-year-old.

The next day, I put Harlow in a simple white Amelia blouse with buttons down the back paired with ruffled Rickshaw bloomers.


After almost passing out from the cuteness, I presented Mazzy with a gorgeous bouquet print dress from Rachel Riley.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 8.51.53 AMMAZZY: I want to wear the purple dress.

ME: But you wore that yesterday.

MAZZY: I want to wear the purple dress!

ME: But look how pretty THIS dress is…


This is the point where I can a) learn to pick my battles or b) fight with Mazzy until she wins. Both results are the same. One just seems like I am making an intentional parenting choice.

I decided to pick my battles. So, Mazzy wore the purple dress once again.




I figured the next day Mazzy would suddenly fall in love with the Rachel Riley dress and all would be well.

Nope. Day Three was a repeat of Day Two.

I decided to let it go for a few days. I didn't mention the dress at all. Just left it hanging up in her room in case she had a change of heart. She didn't mention it either.

Finally, I thought enough time had passed where I could bring it up again and maybe Mazzy wouldn't remember she ever had an issue with it.


ME: Hey, Mazzy. 

I said all casual like.

ME: Want to wear the pretty flowered dress today?

MAZZY: The purple dress?

ME: No, this BEAUTIFUL white one.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 8.51.53 AMI motioned elaborately to the dress like I was showing off a Jaguar at a car show. 




ME: What if you just put it on, let me take a picture and then you can put on something else?


Alright. The last thing I wanted to do is get into an argument over something silly. I contacted Fawn Shoppe and told them about my dilemma. They said, not to worryβ€” all moms can relate to their daughter refusing to put on an item of clothing.

I hung the dress in her closet, sadly shut the door and prepared to write the post regardless.

Then something amazing happened.


Mazzy ran up to me holding the dress in her hand.

MAZZY: Mom, do you know why I don't want to wear the dress?

ME: Why?

MAZZY: Because there is a tag on it. 

ME: What? Really? I can take the tag off.


I snipped the tag off.

ME: Now you'll wear the dress…?

MAZZY: YAY!!!!!!!!

I am about 105% positive that the existence of a tag had nothing to do with Mazzy snubbing the Rachel Riley dress for two weeks. But, sometimes things happen in the brains of preschool-aged children that adults just can't understand.

Mazzy whipped her pajamas off and put her hands up in the air so I could pull the dress over her head. It looked adorable.

Then she danced and pranced around like she owned the place.




And, of course, the next day she asked to wear the dress AGAIN.

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UPDATE: Congratulations to Chohertz! She's going to try and wrestle away her daughter's "My Little Pony t-shirt that has been washed so many times one of the ponies has peeled off" in exchange for some designer clothes. Please email me at ilana@mommyshorts.com to claim your prize.