Giveaway: Two Handmade Mobiles from Baby Jives, one given away on Instagram and one given away on the blog


I have yet to move Harlow into Mazzy’s room, since we are still working on getting Mazzy’s sleep habits under control. In case you are curious, Mazzy now has a cold and wakes up every fifteen minutes screaming for a tissue, even though I make her sleep with an entire box.

Mazzy’s antics haven’t stopped me from getting Harlow’s side of the room ready, which mostly means we must stop using Harlow’s crib as a conveniently accessible storage container and the world’s largest hamper.

I’d also like to create a space that feels just as special as Mazzy’s side of the room, without duplicating it. That’s a tough job when you consider Mazzy’s got a gorgeous custom quilt from Cheeky Handmades hanging above her bed.

Then I stumbled on the beautiful handmade mobiles from Baby Jives, and knew Harlow had to have one.

Baby Jives mobiles are created by Jahje Ives, who says her creations are inspired by her four-year-old son, Gavril and her one-year-old daughter, Elodie. In fact, Jahje started making mobiles during her first pregnancy when she couldn’t find anything she liked enough to hang over the baby’s crib.

The name Baby Jives was derived from the name she and her husband gave their unborn child while he was in utero, which is a combination of their names— Joe and Ives.

FYI- Mazzy was Yoko Ono while in the womb, later nicknamed Yolkie. You know, like an egg. Harlow was nothing. You know, because she’s a second child.

I love the Baby Jives cloud mobiles the most because they remind me of a modern handcrafted version of the satin hearts and stars I used to have hanging from my ceiling in the eighties. Except these have a tasteful zen quality as opposed to a Lisa Frank aesthetic.

But Baby Jives also makes mobiles in many variations including birds, planes, and butterflies.


You can hang one or hang a few at varying lengths to great effect.


I finally decided on the white puffy cloud with the gold stars and little moon for Harlow.

Today, I’ve got two opportunities for you to win a Baby Jives handmade mobile of your choice (in the form of a $60 gift card which should cover both a mobile and shipping.)

I’m giving one mobile away on instagram and one mobile away on the blog so I don’t leave anyone out.

On instagram, please see my feed (@mommyshorts) for rules which include reposting the graphic at the top of this post to #instashorts_dreams.

To win the Baby Jives mobile on my blog, please follow the giveaway rules below.


1) You must be a facebook fan of both Mommy Shorts and Baby Jives to enter. Then answer the following question in the comment section:

What did you call your baby in utero? (If the answer is nothing, that’s fine too!)

2) For a second entry, follow Mommy Shorts on Pinterest and pin the graphic at the top of this post. Then leave a comment saying you did so.

3) For a third entry, tweet a version of the following and then leave a comment saying you did so:

I entered to win a gorgeous handmade mobile from @babyjives via @mommyshorts #giveaway

Winner will be announced on Friday March 29th.

Good luck!


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