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I'm not really sure who Kelly Oxford is, but for some reason I follow her on instagram and twitter, along with several hundred thousand people.

On Instagram, she posts pictures of her kids along with gorgeous yet self-deprecating selfies, screen grabs of various magazine articles she appears in, ironic pop culture fodder like Stephanie Tanner in suspenders and the brilliant picture up top promoting her new book "Everything Is Perfect When You're a Liar", which might have been designed specifically for this Gwyneth side-by-side.

It all feels like looking into a window of a party to which I have not been invited and I go back and forth between obsession and debating whether to unfollow.

Then she posts a tweet like the one below and I imagine we are best friends in an alternate universe where I am much much much cooler.

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Last night Kelly Oxford was on Jimmy Kimmel and he had a hard time explaining who she is as well, so he opted to have children on the street read Kelly Oxford tweets out loud.

Honestly, I don't even think you need the kids to understand the brilliance.

Let your lady crushes commence…