A few weeks ago, I posted the picture of Harlow above on Instagram and @RuffledSnob said it looked like Harlow was going off a ski jump. I agreed and promised her I'd use my limited photoshop skills to whip something up.

Wouldn't ya know, I always make good on my promises…


Now most people would probably call it a day and go to bed but me, I spent the whole evening googling extreme sports and skateboarding tricks and came up with these…




After exhausting all X-game events, that probably would have been the time to finally hit the sack. After all, that baby skateboarder would be waking up at 4am for a feeding.

But no, I moved on to movies.

I call this one Crouching Baby Hidden Dragon


And this one, Karate Baby


But my favorite one has got to be— BABY KONG.


If you'd like to see more adorable pictures of Harlow where she is not photoshopped, check out "What My Four Month Old's Been Up To" on Babble. SPOILER ALERT: Rolling over, making raspberries and depleting my milk supply.

And now, I will go to sleep.


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