This one could alternately be titled “The One Where Jim Gaffigan Kills a Spider” or “The One Where Jim Gaffigan Glues a Peacock to My Dining Room Table” or “The One Where Jim Gaffigan Names Our Baby Oscar”. So much happened in this episode!

By the way, you know “The One Where…” is a play on how all the Friends episodes are named, right?

Someone said I was ripping off Friends and I was like “No! That’s the joke!” and that nameless person (my husband) said, “Well then, you are having a joke with yourself”.

Ouch. Please tell me at least one other person was in on it.

Anyway. Jim Gaffigan came over to promote his hilarious book “Dad Is Fat” about raising five kids in a small apartment in NYC.

“But Jim— you are a famous comedian! Why can’t you buy a larger apartment??”

Crap. I forgot to ask that question.

Also, in this episode, I learn how to properly hold a book for the camera. Did you know someone could be awful at holding a book? It’s true! I suck at it!

“CUT! Ilana, the book is sideways.”

“CUT! Ilana, the book is upside down.”

“CUT! Ilana, you have to stop moving the book. You are holding it like it’s on fire.”

“CUT! Ilana, your hand is covering the title of the book.”

“CUT! Ilana, your hand is covering Jim’s face.”

Twenty takes later and— VOILA!!!


If you look closely, you can see the concentration in my fingertips.

Also in this episode, Jim hangs out with Mazzy in her bedroom. But that isn’t nearly as creepy as it sounds.


And due to popular request, I had Jim try to put together a Pack and Play. Spoiler Alert: He fails miserably.


Jim was unbelieveably nice and very laid back, making shooting this episode super easy. I had so much fun that after it was over, I was thinking, “We get along so well! We should be real city friends!”

But I’m sure everybody who meets Jim thinks the same thing.

This week (bonus!), I have embed codes so I can post “The Mommy Show” right here on my blog. That way you don’t have to walk all the way over to ulive to see it. Or you know, move your exhausted finger to click a link.

I hope you like it! It might be my favorite episode so far.

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